Habits chap essay

December 18, 2017 General Studies

For example, anybody can say that they will quit smoking, but if they don’t really have the motivation to quit they will probably Just keep on smoking. By accepting new behaviors it doesn’t have to be difficult if theirs cues and rewards are the same. People Just need to believe and focus on changing their routine and slowly their bad habits will change. A bad habit that I had developed during my younger years was ditching school. It started when I was in middle school. I had friends that were not really the school type of people.

They ditched school a lot and eventually I became caught in the web. It eventually got the best of me and had fully grown into a habit I could not control at the time. By the time I knew it I was ditching school every day with my friends. We would meet up in the morning before school started and plan what we wanted to do. After we had plan, we would ditch school and go do whatever we had plan for the day. The cue for me to ditch school was Just going to school, I dreaded going to school.

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The routine was walking out the side gates or Just walking out the front gates. The first couple of time I did this I was paranoid and scared, but eventually it became automatic for me and I began thinking less about how to do it and how not to get caught. My reward would be no school and I would get to hang out with my friends and Just do whatever I wanted. This habit continued to follow me to high school until my senior year when I realized I was really behind. This is when I really began to change my habit.

I ended up going to continuation high school with one hundred and forty six credits behind. There I noticed that I could still hang out with my friends in school and still have fun, but what I really realized was how my future was going to be if I kept this bad habit. I know for sure thinking about the future had really helped me change my bad habit. I also had stopped hanging out with the friends that I knew were not going to get anywhere in life. I changed my way of thinking completely.

I came more of an independent person, and I think that really helped me with getting rid of this bad habit. You can say that I motivated myself to become a much better person. Changing a habit really depends on the belief of the person. Why do I say that? I say that because everyone is in charge of their own life, and no one can tell you what to do. Smoking cigarettes for example, if the person chooses to smoke cigarettes it’s his or her choice. Yes, it’s a bad habit but if you choose to do it who can stop you.

That brings me to this conclusion about breaking habits. Yes, changing your routine to a habit will help you as long as you get the same reward but if you’re not motivated to do so how can you ever change a habit. Anyone can say they are going to quit smoking cigarettes but if they are not mentally ready how can they? Being motivated and mentally strong are the only two ways I see that can really help you change or lose a habit. If we are able to change our routine, with the help of motivation, we will be able change whatever else we want.

Like the example in “The Power of Habit” Lisa Allen was able to change almost all of her habits by learning how to change one but also believing in herself. (xi- xx) I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight, but if you Just have a little motivation, you can slowly work your way up and change that habit. Habits are obviously very strong and can take over you without you knowing. With a little motivation and mental strength you can begin to change these bad habits or any habits and still get that satisfying feeling you crave.


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