Hacking Uses of Cloud storage To protect

Hacking into the critical systems in government, companies, financial institutions and etc
Memory Scraping will become more corporate in the coming time , the target data such as credit card records ,password and PIN.
Mobiles will become the mutual tool.
*Threat directed at the Mobile Platform
Criminal transactions
*Transferring money from account to account
Spread computers viruses through WIFI. For example in future, a compromised WIFI network can be used to spread medical viruses to patients.
Fake security software
Uses of Cloud storage
To protect all the information stored in cloud storage.
AI(artificial intelligence)
Allows operators to standby engineer attacks and make improvements to their system.
*there is also a risk because some high level professional will know to attack it
Software companies will order global security
Cybercrime will always be a growing issue and it can be affect in individual , business area and also social network.
Hence, to make us more safety to against the cybercrime we necessary need CYBER SECURITY
The cyber security will prevent our network information data and resources from dangerous attacks.
Prevent hacking.
(Set the strong password, using firewall…)
Protects the computers against virus, worms and malware.

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