Hair Detective

December 13, 2017 General Studies

Describe the crime that you are investigating in this activity. I was investigating about who snuck in the Curtail Cuts bedroom, messed with their clothes and left a trail of glitter hair gel. What evidence do you have to identify the culprit of the crime? I have a trail of glitter hair gel leading to the Sassy Snips dressing room, this leads me to thinking it mightier been a girl.

Plus I could examine the hair + gel and see who’ve done the crime. Who stole the hair products? From the girl group I absolutely think the criminal was Jade. How do you know? I examined the hair/hair gel she left on the ground by doing tests on them N-Squad Your second lab link can be found at http://hyperventilated “http:// weaverbirds. Rice. Due/SST/Games/N-Squad/”natures. Rice. Due/SST/Games/N-Squad/. Go through the three episodes and answer the following questions: Describe the crime that you are trying to solve.

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There was a car wreck and I do an Autopsy on the people who were in the car wreck, but that’s not all I gathered Blood, Urine, Virtual Water, and tested it on things plus I elected a beverage called “Blue-Dog-Beer”, and this substance lead me to a Bar, plus a Bartender at the place. Who is one pioneer in autopsy? A man named Dry. Bryce Falco. What did this person contribute to the practice of autopsies? He showed me which body part to remove and what I’m going to do with those body parts. How does alcohol affect the body?

It alters your mind; there is an Attack that can happen in your mind. This Attack is called the DAD Attack if it hits or transmutes to your brain it mostly takes over your body and you have no use of control. Give specific examples from the episodes. Why is evidence important in forensic science? K so I’m explaining while I give an example… If there were a crime scene let’s Just pick the car wreck that happened in this video, (after the car wreck) they made me look around on the ground.

What evidence was important in the episodes? The Blue-dog-beer was important because it had the saliva of the person who drank, the second detail of information that I found at the crime scene is a towel with a stain on it, and someone mightier used it to wipe their mouth off or something. The third ice of information I found at the scene of the crime was broken pieces of glass, (probably from the car) yet not really important, the fourth piece of information at the crime scene was a shoe, (could’ve been someone’s at the scene).

The last thing I saw was a dead, run over frog/toad which wasn’t really important. Why? The Blue-dog-beer was important, it lead me to a suspect who gave the beer to Cody Mar, I found a towel with the criminals DNA sample on it and the last thing I thought was important to me was the shoe, it might fit Cod’s foot and this would wrap up most of the crime scene.


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