Hamlet Vs. Laertes

January 12, 2017 General Studies

Some would say that Hamlet is the best work of William Shakespeare, and there are many points that prove this to be true. The play seems so well put together that there are many connections that can be made. One of the biggest connections is the difference and similarity of Hamlet and Laertes. In the play, Hamlet and Laertes show some signs that they are a like and some show there different, taking revenge, having feelings for people and the thoughts and actions of people. Throughout the play Hamlet and Laertes both display extreme reactions when angered. .


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I think Hamlet in the play takes us on his own journey to discover his feelings and thoughts about himself. It’s kind of like he is allowing you to see inside his mind, to see the thoughts he has or what may happen. Throughout Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is described as being “mad” by the other characters. I think some readers, maybe even all, and the characters think he is crazy from when he encounters the ghost of his father in Act I, as he kills Polonius and confronts his mother in Act III, and in the end when he confronts Laertes and Claudius in the final scene. Hamlet starts to deny a lot of things especially to the characters faces. He denies his love for Ophelia, though the readers know its there, but he hears a sound then even asked her where her father was so you know that he is going to try to make her look like a liar. Hamlet loved his father very much and he wants to get revenge, but to me what happened out of all this is that he basically starts to spread death around him even more. He loses Ophelia, loses his mother, but yet also loses his own life. I think all he was really ever trying to do was just pick up the pieces in his life. He tries come to terms with his father’s death, then he has to watch his own mother love someone else so quickly, and things get even harder on him when he sees the ghost of his father. He figures out that he was murdered so all the emotion of his father dieing is just added on to because now he finds out that his father really didn’t even have to die.


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