January 12, 2017 General Studies

A leader is someone who is loyal, organized, wise and has great leadership skills. Hannibal, who followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming a military leader, was born in Carthage in 247 BCE. When Hannibal was a young boy he went with his father, Hamlicar Barca, to Spain. Spain was partly ruled by Carthage and when Hannibal was twenty-five years old he became the Carthaginian in Spain. When Hannibal was a young boy, he was made to swear eternal hostility to Rome. He would use wise tactics and come up with plans to defeat his opponents in a very calm manner. He had many allies, which would ensure support for his army. After Hannibal died there were many people that followed his tracks all in hope to be a great leader. Despite being defeated by the Romans Hannibal was the ancient world’s most talented leader.


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Hannibal’s father, Hamlicar Barca hated the Romans immensely. Rome was his city’s chief enemy. Due to this hatred towards the Romans, Hamlicar Barca made young Hannibal “take an oath to always be an enemy of Rome.”(World Book 51) He was a great leader and he would always stay loyal to his father’s wishes. When he was a young man, Hannibal led his troops against Spanish tribes that were friendly to Rome to help increase Carthaginian power in Spain. After the death of Hamlicar in 229 BCE, “Hannibal’s life was one constant struggle against the Roman republic.”(Britannica 683) Hannibal was tremendous warrior for living out his father’s expectations. His expansion over a Spanish tribe friendly to Rome caused the Second Punic War to begin in 218 BCE. Once at war Hannibal would have to rely on other skills that made him the immense military general that he was.


Rome declared war on Carthage after Hannibal’s expansion over a Spanish tribe. Early in the war Hannibal astonished the Romans with a daring plan. Hannibal knew that his only chance of success depended on how quickly they could move through the Alps by using the most direct route and to “catch the Romans unprepared for his attack.


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