Happy Endings Essay

September 15, 2017 Construction

In the short narrative Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood the writer displays how secret plan can impact word picture. or the reader’s perceptual experiences of characters. by demoing several different scenarios utilizing the same characters but different secret plan lines. For illustration. secret plan B. although it uses the same characters. creates really different perceptual experiences of those characters than the 1s created in secret plan A. In secret plan A. John and Mary appear to be in love. and they appear to be happy.

The secret plan seems to bespeak this ; “John and Mary autumn in love and acquire married. They both have worthwhile occupations which they find exciting and disputing. “They buy a charming house. From the sequence of events revealed. we are led to believe that John and Mary are two ordinary people with good lives and a healthy relationship. However. in secret plan B. this perceptual experience changes. even though it is told with the same characters. In this narrative. the reader perceives John as a selfish dork who unashamedly uses Mary. and Mary as a hapless miss with a weak will. “Mary falls in love with John but John doesn’t autumn in love with Mary. He simply uses her organic structure for selfish pleasance and ego satisfaction of a lukewarm sort. ” This sequence of events leads the reader to reason really different things about the characters than in the first secret plan.

The secret plan construction is set so the audience is ever altering his or her perceptual experiences. There are some interesting subjects that develop from this short narrative. One subject could be the thought of what the in-between category values as of import. Version A seems to sum up what the in-between category expects life to be and believe life should be. Another subject is the Inevitability of Death mentioned in version F. This is the thought that decease can’t be avoided no affair what as stated in the narrative over and over once more “John and Mary dice. ” This is decidedly the chief idea behind the full short narrative.

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