Hardys Use Of Nature English Literature Essay

Throughout the novel, Hardy uses assorted facets of nature in different ways in order to assist state the narrative. In Tess of the DUrbervilles, Hardy has written it so that Tess ‘s life merely gets worse and worse until her decease at the terminal. Nature does non assist her, with Hardy portraying it as being unsympathetic, detached, and unforgiving.

Hardy uses seasons, and scene of location in the novel to portray the passing of clip ; stages in Tess ‘s life and new emotions associated with these new stages. At the start of the novel in chapters I and II, the location is set in Marlott, where the character of Tess lives. It is the spring, in May ; Marlott is described by Hardy as though being about flawless, as a “ fertile and sheltered piece of land of state ” . This description is used to portray early on, the pureness and sexual artlessness of Tess which will be degraded throughout the novel

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When Tess travels to see Alec, Hardy transforms her milieus, doing The Slopes appear out of topographic point and unnatural. This gives the reader a sense of uncertainness about what is approximately to go on to Tess. This is shown as Hardy writes how the house is “ of the same rich ruby coloring material that formed such a contrast with the evergreens of the Lodge ” This coloring material, ruby, is obviously really out of topographic point in a green wood scene. Tess besides says “ I thought we were an old household ; but this is all new! ” This shows her naivete and her ain concern for the state of affairs she is about to meet. Besides, she is surrounded by ‘Druidical mistletoe ‘ piece at The Slopes. This relates to how people are frequently seduced under mistletoe, hence boding how she is traveling to be seduced at that place subsequently by Alec in the fall.

At the start of stage the 3rd, Hardy writes about Tess ‘s determination of work in Talbothays dairy in the summer. He describes this scene in a more positive manner, because this is a happy clip for Tess, as she meets Angel. Talbothays is described as “ the verdant field so good watered by the river Var or Froom ” . ‘Verdant ‘ makes it look as though it is a green, healthy and epicurean topographic point which is the feeling that Hardy is seeking to put in. Hardy begins to depict normal things in a more sexual manner, to reflect what is traveling to go on in Talbothays. For illustration, “ ..the milk oozed Forth and fell in beads to the land. ”

In complete contrast to Talbothays, in chapter XLII, Hardy describes Flintcombe-Ash as a waste land, and it is now winter. Tess is now really suffering and lonely. This hapless false belief is made to assist us experience sorry for Tess ‘s now well less fortunate fortunes. “ Here the air was dry and cold aˆ¦ hedges pitilessly plashed down ” . The usage of the word ‘mercilessly ‘ depict how everything about Tess appears to be against her, including nature. Hardy specifically expresses this in chapter XIV, “ … that bogus gift of unblushing Nature who respects non the civil jurisprudence… ” .This describes how nature does non care that she was raped, unlike the civil jurisprudence, which would.

Hardy uses carnal imagination within the novel to possibly bode the concealed subjects and to metaphorically stand for Tess. For illustration, in chapter IX Tess goes to work for Mrs D’Urberville in her domestic fowl house. This means that right at this point of the novel, we are already tie ining her with an animate being which is trapped in imprisonment. Mrs d’Urberville asks Tess, “ ‘Can you whistle? ‘ ” She can non, so Alec has to learn her. For birds in the wild, whistle is a manner of a bird seeking to pull or score a mate, hence the fact that Alec has to learn Tess to whistle agencies that his seducing has already started. On the other manus, the fact that Tess can non whistle yet may besides be connoting that she is excessively immature and non ready for sex.

In the novel, Hardy has written it so it is as though Tess is accompanied by birds often, and so reflects her similarities to the carnal – about how she is trapped like a bird in a coop, and can non get away her destiny at the terminal of the novel. This is possibly subtly foreshadowed in chapter XIX. “ Tess, like a hypnotized bird, could non go forth the topographic point. ” This implies that she can non command the fact that she is listening to Angel ‘s music, and the fact that she will be trapped by destiny is inevitable. Birds besides appear at assorted points in the novel. For illustration, in chapter XLI, when Tess finds some injured birds. Her “ first idea was to set the still-living birds out of their anguish… she broke the cervixs of every bit many as she could happen. ” This act possibly foreshadows her ain decease which is ineluctable. On the other manus, it may besides be interpreted as though Tess can experience the birds ‘ hurting, so kills them to set them out of their wretchedness ; as she has experienced similar hurting that they have. They have been hurt by causes beyond their control – like Tess ‘s colza.

In the novel, Hardy uses weather, among other facets of nature in a manner that will reflect the narrative ‘s events. For illustration, when Tess is foremost raped by Alec in chapter Eleven, The Chase is surrounded by a thick fog. Alec says, “ aˆ¦owing to this fog, which so disguises everythingaˆ¦ ” It is made to look as though the fog, and hence nature itself is uncaring. It is made to look as though nature cares non for common ethical motives, but merely for itself, as it is happy for Tellurium to go pregnant, caring non that it is through colza. Hardy besides personifies nature, for illustration at the start of chapter XXIII, “ The hot conditions of July had crept upon themaˆ¦ ” the usage of the word ‘crept ‘ is effectual as it describes how rapidly clip has passed for her, and how such unexpected events have happened so rapidly.

Hardy efficaciously uses hapless false belief within the novel in order to portray certain events to assist the reader to sympathize with the character of Tess. The best illustration of this is in chapter Fourteen when Tess is seeking to baptize her babe before she knows it will decease. Darkness is frequently associated with sad feelings and ideas. Chapter Fourteen contains really sad and discomforting subjects so Hardy utilizations dark colorss and dark clip to assist increase the ambiance. “ aˆ¦shone in the somberness environing her. ”

As the narrative goes on, the character of Tess matures, and it is as though nature around her besides matures and changes consequently to how she does. This is shown efficaciously in chapter XX. In this chapter, the development of Tess and Angel ‘s love is described, and this is reflected in Hardy ‘s description of nature in the first few lines. “ The season developed and matured. Another twelvemonth ‘s episode of flowers, foliages, Luscinia megarhynchoss… took up their places where merely a twelvemonth ago others had stood in their topographic point… ” The usage of the word ‘instalment ‘ portrays how the life of nature, and besides Tess works in rhythms, and each coevals of nature is slightly unimportant, merely coming in ‘instalments ‘ . Humbleness and insignificance is a common subject throughout the novel. This is besides depicted in chapter Eleven when Tess is raped. “ Already at that hr some boies of the forest were stirring and dramatic visible radiations… ” It is as though nature is detached and goes on as normal around the atrocious events that are go oning at the same clip.

In the novel, nature is meant to come across as being amoral and detached. This is most reflected in the transition about her babe Sorrow being a ‘bastard gift ‘ from nature, which does non care as to how it came approximately, in contrast to the jurisprudence which would hold punished Alec. But besides, nature is portrayed as though it does n’t judge Tess for what has happened, therefore besides intending it does non judge Alec.



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