Harry Connick Junior

May 19, 2018 Music

Harry’s humble and cultural beginnings helped him to get to where he is now. Although he is now 41, and a jazz genius, he was born and raised in New Orleans. He started performing at a very young age, only five years old! This first performance of his was at his dad’s inauguration as New Orleans District Attorney. He did his first jazz recording at ten. When Harry was 18, he moved to New York. At 19 and 20, he released his first and second albums; there was no turning back now, everyone loves the way he puts the real flavor of New Orleans into his music.

Harry’s first multi-platinum album was a score he wrote for the movie When Harry Met Sally. His career really blossomed in the 90’s with his classic New Orleans style of music. One of his great achievements was when his album, Come by Me, debut number one on the Billboard Jazz Chart. His new album, Your Songs, is great and I have it, myself. My favorite song on it is “Just the Way You Are”; I play it all the time. Something else he did was star in 24 episodes of Will & Grace. This obviously shows that Harry is an amazing musician and entertainer; it also shows he will be remembered for it.

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If you have not already heard of Harry Connick Jr. , you just have not been paying attention, he is everywhere from movies to music videos to even TV. Earlier, I told you about his music, well in addition to that, he also acts. He made his film debut in the 1990 film Memphis Belle as Sgt. Clay Busby. His next film was only a year later in Little Man Tate as Eddie. Four years after that he appeared in Copycat as Daryll Lee Cullum, a homicidal sociopath. One of my favorite movies is Independence Day, what I did not know before is that Harry is actually in the film. He plays Captain Jimmy Wilder in the 1996 film.

One of his lines in the film is, “Let’s kick the tires and light the fires. ” Another good movie he stared in is Hope Floats, he was Justin Matisse. One of his more recent films is New in Town. It’s a movie about a woman who is sent to a little podunk town and is told to cut down on employees in a factory in the town. While she’s there she falls in love and can no longer do her job right. The man she falls in love with is Harry’s character. I will not give away the ending but I do recommend the movie. The Pajama Game, a 2006 musical, gave Harry one of his Tony Award nominations, actor (musical).

It is apparent that Harry will always be entertaining and bringing good times into the home. Harry has done so much for his home town, everything from endorsing New Orleans in a commercial to becoming Honorary Chair for an operation that will help out New Orleans. When making a commercial, Harry mentioned the terrible disaster that happened in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina. Harry commented on it later by saying, “It’s an incredible city that it has huge diversity in music and food and people, and as a kid experiencing all that I feel like the person I’ve become is a result of the people I knew growing up here. Another big thing Harry did to help out New Orleans is that on September 6, 2005, he agreed to be Honorary Chair of Habitat for Humanity’s Operation Home Delivery. “It is hard to sit in silence, to watch one’s youth wash away. Everything that I have professionally, and so much of what I have person, is because of this great, fair city… to see it being drowned like this is almost unbearable” says Harry. As honorary chair he will represent and speak for the program, as well as encourage the public to help. Harry isn’t doing this by himself; he is getting help from Branford Marsalis to support this important cause.

Branford said, “When the world’s attention turns way from this disaster, there will be tens of thousands of New Orleaneans without a place to live. Working with Habitat to help people rebuild their homes and their lives is a constructive way to channel this mind-numbing pain. ” People say that Harry is the perfect symbol of the tragedy and the spirit of recovery. He will do two Public Service Announcements for Habitat for Humanity encouraging donations and anything you can do to help. The thing Harry is endorsing is called Home-in-a-box.

Operation Home Delivery is trying to get Katrina victims in a home as soon as possible. Connick says that after the initial crisis, he will focus on rebuilding homes. Operation Home Delivery is a long-term rebuilding plan for families victimized by Hurricane Katrina in the ‘Big Easy’ and along the Gulf Coast. Habitat for Humanity has created a 3-stage response to Hurricane Katrina. First, they help local Habitat centers restore some level of service. Next, they bring people together to start a catalyst about the pricing of housing and make them realize that Habitat can’t do this by themselves.

Lastly, they will establish and implement “Home¬¬-in-a-box”; this is what Harry will help out with. The home-in-a-box houses will have about 1,100 to 1,300 square feet of living space. This will seriously help out the people of New Orleans to get back on their feet. Harry defiantly wants to help his home town, and he’s doing a pretty good job of doing just that. It is obvious that Harry is a great influence on New Orleans and the world, or anyone that has heard his music for that fact. I am sure that he will forever be remembered as an amazing person.

I know that his music has made a big impact on my life. Music can do wonders for people in the worst of situations. Just like Berthold Auerbach said, music washes away the dust of everyday life. As I write these final words I am listening to music. I am sure that if music was not around, I would not be a happy camper. I am sure that if Harry was not around, I would have the worst self-esteem. Music can do anything and when paired with an amazing voice, like Harry’s, it can perform miracles.


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