Have great highs, and great lows to

Have you ever met someone that always says they want more, and they don’t seem very happy? Have you met someone that seems satisfies with what they have, and always seems to be smiling, even when they may be struggling? That is because the person who is grateful always thinks they have enough, and is humble about it. The person who never has enough, will never be satisfied with what they have, because they are ungrateful and feel they don’t have enough, and they are needy. If you believe good things, you get good things. Civil Peace, by Chinua Achebe is about a man, Jonathan Iwegbu, going through his life after a war. He experiences great highs, and great lows to some, yet he seems to turn them into wonderful experiences. He takes every situation, and tells himself, “Nothing puzzles G-d” and realizes that what is happening has a purpose, and he is supposed to learn from it, and be grateful, because stuff happens and he can’t control that. Johnathon and his family were very lucky after the Nigerian war because of his outlook on things. He doesn’t look at things in a negative way, he looks at them as how G-d knows what he’s doing and it has a purpose, so he should trust it. If you are very grateful for what you have, and if you believe that everything is going to turn out, then it will.

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