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March 13, 2019 Geography

  Have you ever wondered about how Great Britain or Japan grew in terms of Industrialization, Geography and Imperialism  over the years? Well today ill tell how both grew. You get the best of both worlds. Great Britain and Japan are two completely different places ,  yet both have huge similarities. For example, both are island nations with limited resources. Most people do not know this, and their actually closer to each other in similarities than most people think. So lets get started.

Great Britain had basic resources like coal, iron, etc. Japan  on the other hand exported these resources from other countries. Eventually China  even traded at 5 ports and with this they grew. As you can see, even though both countries got/or had their resources differently. They both needed resources.  Over time from resources both countries became economically rich. 

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  Both Great Britain and Japan grew in terms of their own tech and their armies. They both needed resources and domination. They both had traits of nationalism and thought they had no other choice but to conquer other nations. Soon both Great Britain and Japan soon conquered countries in Africa and Asia. They also had cruel leaders, so their workers had low pay and worked in slums, they often worked hours with break.

Great Britain had been more stable for years. Free of most civil wars and any other chaos. The country was economically stable and produced more trade. The British had great inventions from steam engines, water frames. etc. Britain also had a more modern day of doing things, Japan was mainly behind and focused on foreign policies.

  Matthew Perry went to Japan and opened up the country for trade, this helped them greatly.  Japan defeated China in 1985 and Russia in 1905. India gave cotton to Britain while Manchuria  and Koria gave Iron and Copper for Japan. Both countries grew and became power. 

The populations were also different. Great Britain had a slightly bigger population than Japan. 

These are some differences and similarities in Japan and Great Britain.


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