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By February 14, 2019 Architecture

Have you ever heard of the movie the weeping camel? Of course you have you showed it to us but this is an essay where you’re supposed to act like you don’t know what it is. Anyways i’ll be listing 4 characters of culture, a tobo, where in the documentary it was acculturation and a ritual that they do.Also i will list off some reasons why it’s good for learning purposes

One of the characteristics of culture that I chose to do is economics. Economics in mongolia are more simple than in America. Most of their economics have to do with trading but they do have a paper money system too. Their money system is called mongolian tögrög. It’s kind of similar to Japanese yen in the way that they use one hundreds instead of singular dollars. Like how 100 yen is equal to 89 cents, 1000 tögrög is equal to 39 cents. The reason it’s important to the mongolians is it’s how they get things not available to them.Another characteristic of culture is food. A large majority of their food consist of things their animals provide like goat milk, camel milk ect. Some specific thing they eat are Buuz which is a meat filled dumpling. Another food they have is bort which is dried meat usually saved for winter time. The reason food is important to them is because they need it to survive. One more characteristic of culture is their clothing. Once again they do rely on their animals for some of their clothing. Some clothing they wear are deels. They have two different types of deels. One deel is made up of cotton. The reason it’s made up of cotton is it’s made for hotter weather whereas deels made up of lamb skin is used for colder days. Other types of clothing they wear are hats. The material mostly are made up of fur or silk.They also wear boots made of leather with thick felt lining. The reason clothing is important to them is it protects them. Finally the last characteristic of culture we have is architecture. A large majority of houses are yurts. Yurts consist of a few things not including interior design. These things are khan which is a wooden wall shell that protects everything inside.Then we have the began which is the 2 central support column. Finally you have the ton which is a drape structure on the top of it. The structure is there to let in light and close when there is a dust storm. The reason architecture is important to mongolians is it helps and protects them.

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A taboo the mongols did was they tied up their toddler. The reason this is a taboo in an American setting is it’s counted as neglection and in a sort of way child abuse, both of which a frowned upon in America. An argument the mongolians might have in return is the child is near them. Also the child is not doing anything dangerous that could end up harming someone or themselfs.

A ritual that is passed down from generation to generation is the coaxing ritual. What the coaxing ritual is supposed to do is it’s supposed to help a unwanted calf or a calf that’s not theirs bond. The way they help them bond is they play a string instrument and chant/sing the word hoax. It’s said that when the performance is happening the mother will start crying from the beautiful music.

A place in the movie where I thought it showed acculturation was when kind of the hole movie. They had multiple times when they didn’t have to listen to any rules besides the ones they gave themself. An example of this is when they lived in a spot and didn’t have to pay for it.

In conclusion the reason i think this film is good for teaching purposes is it holds a lot of good information on culture and how cultures can be similar and how they can be different.


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