Having a Sense of Being Different Makes It Hard to Belong

June 14, 2018 Communication

Having a sense of being different makes it hard to belong Belonging to a new environment can be hard sometimes, where the individual feel and see the difference between them and others. It is often easy to belong at a young age but gets harder as the age increase due to the harsh self-consciousness of adults and fear that hinders them from attempting to fit in. whereas children tend to communicate and respond more willingly, makes it easier for them to feel belonged and surrounded. One’s self concept about themselves could lead to them isolating themselves from the society.

This may sometimes be not the case and the individuals themselves could be blinded by their harsh self – assessments. The difficulty in belonging is usually internal to the individual. More often in a new migrant situation, the individuals insist on communicating and associating with the new environment. As with many other first time experiences, for many people it requires a great deal of courage and self – confidence in order to attempt to fit in. Therefore many avoid the opportunities open to them to practise the art of communication and participation.

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As Lion Low in “Growing up Asian in Australia” explains his strong Malaysian accent in English let him down and blocked all his attempts to blend in with the groups. He was conscious about the differences in his accent which initiated “a barrage of questions” such as “Where are you from? ” and “How long have you been here? ” The loss of self- concept at teenage years can be challenging as they will be going through other problems of growing up to deal with. These added problems can make it difficult for the teenager and can lead to loss of self- confidence.

Everyone is different, but people still make groups and find similarities to feel belonged. Some people think and feel like they are different when they could be the only ones who think so. Those Individuals that assumes they do not belong to a particular society usually finds themselves trapped in a still time frame where they remain as long as they are comfortable to join the new environment. This is mostly the case in new migrants who continue following their traditions and cultures due to the difficulty they face in re- adjusting. With a bit of courage and time fitting in and belonging is never too hard.

Although one belongs to a group and shares similar ideas and aspects of life, it does not necessarily mean they are the same. The difference between being the same and being similar makes the foundation of a group. Even though your similarities may be, the size of an ant, compared to others in the group, you are still considered to belong. These slight differences in people who belong to the same group make connections stronger. That is why being different, at most times, and makes it easier to belong as you are expected to be original yet similar.

We live in a community where every single individual is remarkably different. Yet that is one of the reasons for why the world keeps developing and enhancing in knowledge and originality. Most individuals assume they are different according to their physical, gender, culture and language variations, but it is only them who classify themselves as different. While some use their differences to thrive in the similar looking society. Ultimately we as humans, we will never be the same to one another, so earning to tolerate and accept differences is what will make us strong as individuals and as a raise.


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