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July 27, 2017 Business

In what ways are Hazel’s clients most likely to judge the quality of her lawn attention service?

Answer: They will give some feedback sing the cleansing after done cutting their grass. the continuance of how long the lawn attention service will be done. length of the grass should non be excessively long or excessively short. and the wellness status of grass.

Hazel is the operations director of her concern. Among her duties are calculating. stock list direction. programming. quality confidence. and care.

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What kinds of things would probably necessitate prognosiss?

Answer: conditions. seasons. and care.

What stock list points does Hazel likely hold? Name one stock list determination she has to do sporadically.

Answer: parts of cut downing machines. gas. and fertiliser. She has to do stock list determination sporadically is the measure of fertiliser.

What programming must she make? What things might happen to interrupt agendas and cause Hazel to reschedule?

Answer: workers’ timetable. hayloft machine. and care. Mow machine dislocation. workers get ill. bad conditions and any exigencies happen will do Hazel to reschedule.

How of import is choice confidence to Hazel’s concern? Explain.

Answer: It is really of import because since Hazel merely started her new concern which mean she does non has adequate figure of clients. If she wants to keep her concern. it is of import to maintain her repute and quality of the service in order to acquire repetition clients.

What kinds of care must be performed?

Answer: oil alteration. acuteness of the blade. and regular look into the hayloft machine’s engine.

What are some of the tradeoffs that Hazel likely considered comparative to:

Working for a company alternatively of for herself?

Answer: She will blow clip to happen a occupation. Since she is an employee. she will non worry tonss of materials and she does non necessitate to take attention of so much materials compare to have a concern.

Expanding the concern?

Answer: She can gain more net income but for making this. she needs a large capital to back up her.

Establishing a web site?

Answer: It costs a batch to hold a web site. on the other manus. she can able to acquire new clients from other vicinities.

The town is sing an regulation that would forbid seting grass cuttings at the kerb for pickup because local landfills can non manage the volume. What options might Hazel see if the regulation is passed? Name two advantages and two drawbacks of each option.

Answer: Advantages 1. It can increase Hazel’s concern because the clients would non wait the grasses turn excessively long to name the hayloft service.

2. Hazel besides can get down a new choice up service to assist the clients to roll up all the grass cuttings and throw it off.

Drawbacks 1. The on the job volume is increased which means Hazel needs to engage more employees to help her.

2. Hazel has to reschedule all her working hours and it might be increased her working hours compare to old.

Hazel decided to offer the pupils who worked for her a fillip of $ 25 for thoughts on how to better the concern. and they provided several good thoughts. One thought that she ab initio rejected now appears to keep great promise. The pupil who proposed the thought has left. and is presently working for a rival. Should Hazel direct that pupil a cheque for the thought? What are the possible tradeoffs?

Answer: Yes. Hazel has to pay the pupil because the pupil had provided good thoughts which help better her concern. Since the pupil has left and presently working for Hazel’s rival. she has to do a contract that the information should non be portion to anyone accept Hazel’s company.

All directors have to get by with fluctuation.

What are the major beginnings of fluctuation that Hazel has to postulate with?

Answer: Bad conditions. workers do non demo up during work clip. and excess occupations.

How might these beginnings of fluctuation impact Hazel’s ability to fit supply and demand?

Answer: Hazel will has to make excess occupations and the working hours are non stable.

What are some ways she can get by with fluctuation?

Answer: Hazel can engage more parttime workers to help her in instance some of the workers take leave. She besides can analyze more about weather prognosis. so she can make some readying when it is bad conditions occurs.

Hazel is believing of doing some of her operations sustainable. What are some thoughts she might see?

Answer: Hazel can make the lawn service by herself. so she can salvage some costing to engage workers. And she can supply friendly service. and welcome the clients give feedbacks on every service she has done.

Hazel Revisited

What competitory advantage does Pomaderris apetalas have over a professional lawn attention service?

Answer: Hazel additions trustworthiness from her vicinity because Hazel’s company is nearer and they know her for a long clip. so this makes her has an advantage from a professional lawn attention service.

Hazel would wish to increase her net incomes. but she doesn’t believe that it would be wise to raise her monetary values sing the current province of local economic system. Alternatively. she has given some idea to increasing productiveness.

Explain how increased productiveness could be an alternate to increased monetary values.

Answer: Hazel can cut down the figure of the workers to make the lawn attention service and diminish her workers’ rewards.

What are some ways that Hazel could increase productiveness?

Answer: wages her workers. set up sensible ends for betterment. and develop their operation for efficiency.

Hazel is believing about the purchase of new equipment. One would be power pavement edgers. She believes adgers will take to an addition in productiveness. Another would be a concatenation proverb. which would be used for tree pruning. What tradeoff should she see in her analysis?

Answer: If Hazel purchases the new equipment. she can offer a new service to clients. which can increase her concern net income.

On the other manus. if she does non buy. she does non necessitate to pass excess care fees for the new equipment.

Hazel has been reasonably successful in her vicinity. and now wants to spread out to other vicinities. including some that are five stat mis off. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of making this?

Answer: Advantages: She can gain more net incomes. more new clients. and more people will cognize her company exists.

Disadvantages: The company will be more difficult to manage. needs a large capital to back up. and higher hazard to lose her concern.

Hazel does non hold a mission statement or a set of aims. Take one of the undermentioned places and support it:

Hazel doesn’t need a formal mission statement and aims. Many little concerns don’t have them.

She decidedly needs a mission statement and a set of aims. They would be highly good.

There may be some benefit to Hazel’s concern. and she should see developing one.

Answer: In my sentiment. I will take B. Mission statement is of import to every company as it gives their employees a usher line and demo what is the company way to them.


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