Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements Essay

July 26, 2017 Health


“An sceptered organisation is one in which persons have the cognition. accomplishment. desire. and chance to personally win in a manner that leads to collective organisational success. ” ( Covey. 2011 ) . Fiscal direction within a wellness attention organisation is important to the success and stableness of the organisation. In this drumhead fiscal information on Patten Fuller Hospital will be revealed. Specifically. the differences between audited and unaudited statements and describing on the hospital’s ratios will be included. Information related to the relationship on gross beginnings and disbursals will include how the infirmary grosss and disbursals are grouped for planning and control.

Audited and Unaudited Differences

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During the old ages of 2008 and 2009 the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital’s balance sheet had some differences with the patient histories of about $ 1. 000. 000. The disagreements between the two amounted to $ 1. 000. 000 ; these disagreements would be the audited statement that equaled to $ 58. 787. 000 and the unaudited statement in 2009 that amounted to $ 59. 787. 000 ( Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. 2011 ) . Then there were disagreements on the Statement of Revenue and Expenses of approximately 1. 000. 000 during 2009. The disagreements between the two that amounted to $ 1. 000. 000 would be the audited statement that equaled to $ 14. 797. 000 and the unaudited statement in 2009 that amounted to $ 13. 797. 000 ( Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. 2011 ) . The net income for the audited statement is 373. 000 and. the unaudited is 627. 000.

Effect’s of Revenue Sources on Financial Reporting

A company’s gross comes from a assortment of beginnings. including the gross revenues of goods involvements on loans. and income from leasing or renting. Accountant’s foremost record gross in informal accounting legers to track capital as it comes into the company. Information legers are transferred to more formal. official fiscal statements. The income statements. balance sheets. retained net incomes statements and statements of hard currency flows are the four basic types of fiscal statements affected by gross beginnings.

Grosss and Expenses Grouped for Planning and Control

The infirmaries grosss and outgos are programs and cohesively to track grosss and expenditures expeditiously. The two chief classs of gross are. nonrevenue bring forthing. and gross bring forthing. The nonrevenue bring forthing services have two subdivisions. general services. and support services. General services are services. such as care. and dietetic. The support services are administrative costs relate to employee services. such as wages. and employee public assistance services. Gross bring forthing has two groups: nursing services and other professional services. Nursing services has five cost centres runing from the intensive attention units to the operating room. Professional services have 15 cost centres. such as exigency room and pharmaceutics. These cost centres correlate to specific outgo classs.

Outgo grouping is separate into two classs. diagnosings. and processs. Most gross in wellness attention organisations is either diagnosings or processs. Major diagnostic classs ( MDCs ) group costs with a 27-classification system for diagnosis-related groups ( DRGs ) . Each DRG represents a class of the services for patients. This categorization assigns processs provided to patients with current procedural nomenclature ( CPT ) codifications. “CPT codifications represent a listing of descriptive footings and placing codifications for placing medical services and processs performed” ( Baker & A ; Baker. 2011. p. 44 ) .


Discrepancies were found in three countries between the audited and unaudited statements. The differences between the statements were huge with patient histories demoing a $ 1. 000. 000 difference. the statement of gross and disbursals demoing a $ 1. 000. 000 difference. and a net income difference of $ 254. 000. Corporate gross comes from many beginnings. Gross is reported on assorted fiscal signifiers like income statements. balance sheets. retained net incomes statements. and hard currency flow statements. which are the four basic types of fiscal statements affected by gross. Different classs and services exist to group grosss and expenditures into cost centres that correlate to different DRG’s. DRG’s break down the processs into CPT codifications placing the services and processs for compensation.


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