Health Information Technology Paper Essay

The installation that of Health Care that I have chosen is Bradford Oaks Nursing Rehabilitation Center. Genesis Healthcare. Clinton Md. 20735. This Nursing place is a Long-run and Short-run nursing place with one degree floor keeping 180 beds and the installation tries to maintain the nose count up to 170 beds. They are owned by Genesis Healthcare. the population that is served there are 80 percent elderly and the other 10 per centum is between the age of 21 and up the younger coevals. They offer all types of services at the installation every bit far as Rehab. Long-term attention. Short-term Care. Respite Care. and Hospice Care. There are a really good installation that have accreditation of GENESIS HEALTHCARE RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE ACHIEVERS 50 MOST ENGAGED WORKPLACES™ IN THE UNITED STATES. Genesis HealthCare receives Viverae’s 2012 Vanguard Award for developing a healthier workplace civilization.

The Users of the Health Information at Bradford Oaks Nursing Rehabilitation Center are Physicians who provide the services our patients and occupants need in a compassionate and lovingness environment. Whether it is assisting thoughts be heard or working to construct cooperation amongst concern squads. We have Nurses ( LPN ) -Licensed Practical Nurses One that can supply the services our patients and occupants need in a compassionate and lovingness environment. Whether it is heightening clinical accomplishments. developing leading capablenesss. or supplying strong foundations for calling development. We Have ( RN ) – Registered Nurse Use strong physical appraisal accomplishments and command of all right nursing rules to pull off a scope of ague attention and rehabilitation patients. They develop and implement individualized attention programs for patients while helping with orientation and supervising of nursing staff. Of Course the decision maker who plans. organized. direct. and command the operations of a nursing place or its equivalent ( other long-run personal attention installations with or without nursing services ) based on policies established by the proprietor or regulating board. We besides have the Support Services which are big twenty-four hours attention. repast plans ( like Meals-on-wheels ) . senior centres. friendly visitant plans. aid with shopping and transit. aid with legal inquiry. measure paying. or other fiscal affairs.

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The manner we entree Health Information is by Paper Medical Records and Electronic Records. The paper records are accessed through medical records clerk in medical records by giving the name and DOB. The Electronic Records are accessed with a system named PointClickCare. threw Genesis Healthcare. There are plentifulness of systems they used in the installation but PointClickCare is the system that is used threw out the whole edifice. In different section and everybody PointClickCare is different. They use a system call E-discharged for referrals that are sent from the infirmary to the installation sing a patients clinical information of a patient who either needs long-run attention or short-run attention demands. They besides use a system called ( IRM ) – Intake Referral Management where referrals are sent heterosexual to the installation for patients that either demand aid with long-run health care or short-run health care. Some of the system that are used under the PointClickCare System are enrollment. charge. coding. computerized physician order entry ( CPOE ) . and nursing system and finance system. I would sort this system based on the description of my Him interviewer is Clinical Support. The maps of this system as explained by my interviewer ( R. Shalita. 2013 ) was that the intent is to hold good clip direction on all of their work and system. acquiring information at a fast gait and a safe and unafraid system to protect patient information. The system doesn’t connect/interface with other systems. the system is non user friendly you need a username and watchword to login and everyone PointClickCare is different depending on their section. This system is really unafraid. they have sellers to back up the care and updated of the systems. particularly Genesis Healthcare does hold to name their 1-800 figure.

The strengths of their system is clip efficient. communicating is clear. its ocular to everyone that uses it. give automatic updates. on a patient or if the section updates anything. The PointClickCare HER platform provides an incorporate attack to the direction of long-run attention. By connexion clinical. charge. and disposal processes across a individual. web based platform. information is merely entered one time. double certifications avoided. staff have more clip to pass with occupants. mistakes are reduced. and RUGs are optimized. The templets are wholly customizable. they provide consistent. complete. and accurate informations. The notes for similar types of tests will look to be standard and similar. each chink adds informations elements to the database. Point and click systems create informations that can be used to bring forth clinically utile studies. such as wellness care reminders and disease direction. One of the major advantages of template-based charting is the velocity with which it can do the papers available as a medical record. Since notes are created within the EMR. they are available instantly upon completion. There are failing of the system it takes more clip and decidedly more concentration for a doctor to voyage through a big information set and make advancement notes utilizing poingclickcare templets. Templates must by customized per the physician’s demand. customization can be inflexible and dearly-won. Templates are well-accepted by merely tech-savvy physicians. any attack necessitating direct informations entry by the doctor has by and large failed because busy suppliers reject it wholly. The end product signifier these templets is excessively transcribed and indistinguishable. it loses individualism for each patient. It is hard for a supplier to capture a complete patient brush on a computing machine in forepart of a patient.

I learned a batch inside informations about planning. design. execution. and maintence of the system. The engineering subdivision for the long-run attention organisation reaches beyond package rating. Considerations of execution. preparation. and support are normally of import for holistic attention supplier solution. PointClickCare’s resources in these critical countries guarantee immediate and strategic client success. Implementation services are certified industry experts deliver the best-practices of about 5. 000 executions. Dedicated history squads form a strong relationship between PointClickCare and our clients turn out methodological analysiss take hazard On-demand and on-site execution and preparation offers flexibleness in bringing and investing. Support provides the right replies at the right clip. Training services are End-user acceptance will finally drive the success of any engineering. PointClickCare’s thorough preparation plans. delivered onsite. online. or through the application. arm users with the accomplishments to utilize PointClickCare on twenty-four hours one: A combination of onsite. web. and on-demand preparation plans for end-users. Credentialed industry and merchandise expert trainers dedicated to client success during and post-implementation. Ongoing subscriptions for retraining bing or new staff. Support Servicess are when it comes to engineering. your concern can’t afford to wait for aid. PointClickCare’s extremely antiphonal. regionally-dedicated support squads and proficient history directors ( TAMs ) get clients the replies they need. when they need them. PointClickCare’s support organisation prevents break to operations. liberating clients to concentrate on their nucleus concern: get replies rapidly with regular and exigency support types. The right support at the right clip with 3 grades of job escalation regionally dedicated squads understand and can supply solutions to place issues. On-Demand resources ( Customer Resource Center ) provides end-user support straight within the application.

I found that the system PointclickCare is really unafraid and organized HER. and the PointClickCare is adding more clients per month than any other seller on the market. That’s because their web-based solutions are unambiguously designed to assist long-run attention suppliers of all sizes manage the complete lifecycle of occupant attention. From pre-admission to dispatch. our incorporate attack to EHR streamlines clinical. MDS. charge. and administrative procedures with maintenance-free package that is every bit robust as it is easy to utilize. Some of the cardinal strengths where that they provide consistent. complete. and accurate informations. The failing of the system were that It takes more time—and decidedly more concentration—for a doctor to voyage through a big information set and make advancement notes utilizing point-and-click templets. There could be better every bit far as the failing but I believe that as clip goes on and the system continues to acquire updated they will repair the small issue the system has as of right now.


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