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July 27, 2017 Health

The American Healthcare system has suffered a great trade of reverses. These are such as engineering, forces and others. A batch of research has shown that these jobs continue to happen because of deficiency of things such as allotment of fiscal resources, effectual direction in the system among others.


American health care presents an countless challenge to groking its dimensions and elaboratenesss. I will discourse two challenges among the many challenges that the American Healthcare System face. These are: engineering and forces.


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What is medical engineering?

Medical engineering is the practical application of the scientific organic structure of cognition that is produced by biomedical research ( Levine, 2009 ) It is good to observe that advancement in organic chemical science has made it accomplishable to acknowledge and take the active ingredients found in natural workss to bring forth medicine in signifier of drugs and anaesthetics ( Levine, 2009 ) Technology in medical specialty has brought many benefits to wellness attention systems that have adopted it. Additionally, it has allowed terminally sick patients to be put on life support machines with restricted determination devising abilities and hence, a little beam of hope of full recovery. However, medical engineering includes: refined machines, pharmaceuticals and biological constituents ( Kongstvedt, 2003 ) In add-on to this, robotic information systems have become indispensable for: pull offing the attention of the patients, bettering the quality, cost moderateness every bit good as other parts of operating wellness attention organisations. Nevertheless, forces in wellness attention systems in America, use the cyberspace to entree the patient ‘s information. On the other manus, the major reverse of this is patient confidentiality where the patient ‘s information can non be guaranteed to be purely private. However, the U.S senate passed a jurisprudence that made it illegal to derive unauthorised entree to personal medical information for grounds other than wellness attention release, operations and compensation ( Andersen, Rise and Kominski, 2007 )

Impact of engineering on wellness attention

So far, engineering has had a positive every bit good as a negative impact on wellness attention. For illustration patients with terminally sick conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or the aging ill have supervising capablenesss that provide around the clock observation through nomadic communications and other engineerings and this normally have the chance to salvage lives and therefore a batch of financess in wellness attention costs each twelvemonth. Thankss to medical engineering, points such as digital glucose readers, blood force per unit area proctors, graduated tables, gesture detectors and pill containers can convey patient information to remote medical forces via a diverseness of webs ( Levine, 2009 ) For illustration, remote monitoring in diabetic patients can assist salvage lives plus let medical resources to be re allocated to concentrate on indispensable attention instead than routine attention. Hence, a patient ‘s everyday visits to the infirmary can be reduced or a nurse can even be sent to a patient merely when needed alternatively of a patient fillet in excessively often. Additionally, the quality of attention can merely be enhanced merely when new processs can: forestall or detain the oncoming of serious complaints, provides a better diagnosing, make faster and more complete remedies possible, increase safety of medical intervention, minimise unwanted side effects, promote faster mending from surgery, increase life anticipation and better quality of life as I have discussed above.

Notably, major technological progresss have equipped the infirmaries ‘ ability to assist patients get by with complaints such as diabetes, bosom complications, kidney jobs and HIV-Aids ( Levine, 2009 )

Negative impact of medical engineering

In wellness attention, the new engineering normally leads to an addition in both labour and capital costs. This is because efficient engineering comes at a monetary value and in this instance it is a big one. Currently financess to get the latest engineering in medical specialty have skyrocketed and therefore it has yielded emphasis for the decrease of forces. Machines such as computing machines and automatons used in the medical fraternity have substituted a good figure of medical forces. Thus wellness attention costs as a per centum of gross national merchandise has continued to mount in malice of betterments in productiveness ( Jonas and Goldsteen, 2007 ) . Additionally, added costs have been made up for in countries and this will impact effectivity. However, the usage of systems in the latest engineering has required the medical decision makers to be experts technologically and this can be a set back because most of them are non up to day of the month in the latest engineerings which arise now and so.

Technological promotions in medical specialty can pull negative every bit good as positive drawbacks. However, harmonizing to ( Kongstvedt, 2003 ) , these progresss are non performed without hazards. Many people have been able to populate a longer due to new healing processs, surgical processs, medicine and improved analytical processs. On the other manus, engineering prevents mistakes by replacing imperfect individuals with programmed systems, therefore larning to set into operation new health care engineerings can hold black consequences ( Shi and Singh, 2009 ) Advancement in medical engineering is to a little extent hazardous as new medical actions normally involve a great trade of terra incognitas which have the possibility of detrimentally impacting a figure of people.

The issue of forces

The issue of forces in the American Health attention system has proved to be a dashing one as there are many factors that need to be desperately addressed. The chief challenge is low nurse staffing in medical establishments all over the state. Kongstvedt ( 2003 ) plaints that hospitals around the state endure this drawback due to the fact that low nurse force degrees are likely to hold a higher consequence rates of hapless patient consequences for illustration in complaints such as cardiac apprehension and urinary piece of land infections as patients who suffer from this frequently need the attending of nurses most of the clip. Up till now, increasing the nursing forces is frequently a challenge. However, the major factors that add to take down forces degrees incorporate the demands of today ‘s higher acuteness patients for more attention and a national spread between the figure of registered nurses who are qualified and who would desire to make full this spread ( Griffin, 2006 ) However, the forces challenge is to boot complicated by other alterations in the infirmary attention for illustration new medical engineerings and a waning mean continuance of stay and this has led to additions to the measure of attention indispensable for patients who are in infirmary. Fresh medical engineerings tolerate many less terminally sick patients who before these engineerings would hold received inpatient surgical attention to be given attention in outpatient scenes ( Levine, 2009 ) In add-on, patients who in the earlier period would hold continued the early phases of their recovery in the infirmary, these yearss they are discharged to skilled nursing establishments. The result of this is that infirmaries around the state have a higher soaking up of patients who need more attention and attending from the nurses and the infirmaries do non hold many nursing forces. Countrywide, infirmary nursing forces is a main concern for the ground that it portrays effects on the safety of the patients every bit good as the value of attention. Harmonizing to ( Shi and Singh, 2009 ) , there is a connexion between lower nursing registration degrees and higher rates of bad patient consequences. Levine ( 2009 ) laments that hapless nursing staffing degrees have led to bad happenings in infirmaries countrywide such as in-hospital deceases of patients every bit good as not serious inauspicious consequences such as nosocomial infections, force per unit area ulcers and so forth. Therefore, lower nurse to patient ratios are linked to an addition of non serious unfavourable consequences. However, in the infirmaries that did non hold a challenge of low nursing forces, higher employment of nurses at all degrees was linked with a decrease in unwanted consequences. Whilst deficient staffing degrees at infirmaries countrywide positioned heavy loads on the nursing forces and unwanted actions are agonising for the patients, there is a ample fiscal cost to be measured as all bad events such as pneumonia, lesion infections and others are frequently associated with bigger costs. This is because handling these diseases elevated the entire intervention costs ( Jonas and Goldsteen, 2007 ) However, the federal and province authoritiess in the state are watchful because of the deficiency of qualified nursing forces and the dire effects plus they are doing an attempt to come up with solutions to work out all this.


The American Health attention system has continued to endure drawbacks one after another. These drawbacks range from engineering to issues like forces in the wellness attention system. These challenges have proven to be a dashing undertaking to cover with them consequently as I have discussed above. However, the positive thing is that the federal and the province authoritiess in the state are argus-eyed as they are seeking to work out all this issues that I discussed supra.


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