Heb Own Brands Analysis Essay

Rob Price was late made frailty president of Own Brands. which was the private label of H-E-B. The president. Charles Butt. had a existent involvement in turning the gross revenues of the Own Brand merchandise line. At the clip. Own Brand represented 19 % of gross revenues while national trade names accounted for the remainder. which was antonym of 30 old ages ago when Charles took duty for the concern. Charles gave Rob a end to increase the gross revenues of Own Brand’s private label by 11 % in the following five old ages to convey it up to a 30-70 ratio of private and national trade names. severally. The addition needed to be across all merchandise lines. but Rob had a specific assignment sing the Own Brand’s bottled H2O under the label Glacia. The job with the bing Glacia H2O was that it did non accurately market itself as imported spring H2O from Canada. which would increase its market portion from the Gallic imported H2O. Evian. There were many things for Rob to see as his research showed that consumers would be more likely to purchase Glacia if they knew it was Canadian spring H2O.

With the competitory food market market at the clip. particularly with Wal-Mart’s emerging into the food market scene. Rob needed to do a specific recommendation on how to increase its gross revenues in context of the overall Own Brand scheme. Initially. the job was an undetected defect in the selling and labeling of the merchandise. If consumers do non hold something repeatedly pushed in their face. they will non likely retrieve it when asked. Other jobs were caused by Wal-Mart and their immense ability to undersell pricing of most other ironss because of their national. even international supply-chain relationships. Wal-Mart had its ain trade name in Great Value merchandises but. harmonizing to the instance. was non every bit high quality as the H-E-B Own Brand merchandises. Great Value compared to the Hill Country Fare tier-3 generic that H-E-B put out. Rob knew that his competition was with Wal-Mart but he wasn’t certain yet how to decently vie. He wanted to maintain their pricing theoretical account of Every-day Low Monetary values but the pricing against Wal-Mart was hard to fit because of other national brand’s pricing places.

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I think the options that Rob had to make up one’s mind between were whether to put Glacia in competition with Evian as comparable imported spring H2O or maintain it positioned against Ozarka. which is where it was. and add the Canadian value to assist hike gross revenues through points-of-difference? One of the grounds why they should see a direct market-comparison with Evian is because there isn’t a rival right now. Evian has far out priced itself among its rivals and Glacia scored every bit every bit high in a double-blinded gustatory sensation trial screening that it didn’t really need to alter the merchandise. merely the placement. Own Brand could significantly increase the pricing to be more related to the pricing of Evian. This would take Glacia off the shelf following to Ozarka and following to Evian. This could perchance let Own Brands to make a Hill Country Fare merchandise to vie with Ozarka. However. Evian was a good premium national trade name brought in money for procurement gross. If the new Glacia began crushing out Evian in gross revenues and net income. Evian could draw its merchandise from the H-E-B shops and so they would lose the procurance gross derived from a national trade name.

National trade names besides help convey in consumers who end up purchasing other Own Brand merchandises in the shop. This was a determination bases for the full Own Brand merchandise line. The options of pricing. publicities. placement. and the overall corporate scheme were all involved in this first determination sing Glacia. Harmonizing to Butt’s mark end to Rob shortly after he became VP. merely 30 % of a store’s merchandises should be their ain. with a 70 % mix of national trade names. If Rob decided to merely promote the bing place of the Glacia against Ozarka to increase their market portion. they could turn gross revenues and non hold to vie with the national trade names. I think this would be effectual sing the low cost of polishing their label and less fuss in re-configuring pricing and traveling the merchandise closer to Evian.

A 3rd possibility was to shift Glacia as domestic spring H2O. which is what Ozarka was. I don’t see the logic behind this because they were already a direct rival with Ozarka and their lone point-of-difference was the beginning of their H2O. Why would they travel through all the attempt and cost of relabeling. advancing. and re-launching to acquire more of the same? If I were in Rob’s place. I would re-launch Glacia to be a slightly generic rival to Evian and make a Hill Country Fare merchandise with purified H2O to be placed merely below Ozarka. Evian needs some competition and harmonizing to their net income informations in Table B. Glacia could increase their monetary value and net income significantly without altering the merchandise. merely the labeling.

Besides. Evian users indicated penchant for the Canadian H2O over France. I f Evian users began to prefer Glacia H2O alternatively. and that’s what H-E-B shops carried. what would be the downside if Evian finally pulled their merchandise out of H-E-B shops? It wouldn’t be in demand any longer. so the loss would be some procurement gross. but the net incomes off the increased monetary value of Glacia would look to cover for that.



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