Hello Kitty Singapore Essay

A individual has many demands at any given clip. Abraham Maslow sought to explicate why people are driven by peculiar demands at peculiar times. Harmonizing to him. human demands are arranged in a hierarchy ( refer to Figure 1 ) . from the most urgent to the least pressure. In order of importance. they are physiological demands. safety demands. societal demands. respect demands and self-actualization demands. The most basic degree of demands must be satisfied first earlier wanting higher degree demands.

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Therefore. holding a Mctoy fulfils the forth degree demands. called as ‘Esteem Needs’ . Self-esteem is the desire for position. self-respect and prestigiousness. Owning the series of Hello Kitty dolls has gained a sense of fulfillment to the person because it is non that easy to acquire the limited edition playthings at any clip. Besides that. the ‘Kiasu’ attitude which is really popular among Singaporeans to hold something which everyone else is holding. regardless of whether it is of any usage. The fright of losing out drives the feeling to carry through their regard demands. where they are happy cognizing they excessively have one like others. In order to carry through the esteem demand. people are frequently engaged in either profession or avocation to derive acknowledgment. For those who loves roll uping dolls. utilize this avocation as a platform to derive acknowledgment from others so that they will be praised. Therefore. they feel that by having the series of hello kitty dolls can do them gained acknowledgment. How has McDonald’s created value to its consumers by offering Hello Kittty dolls in their Extra Value Meals? Selling experts. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers say that

‘The merely value a company will of all time make is the value that comes from clients. ’ Customer value is the relationship between the consumers perceptual experience of benefits they believe they will deduce from a purchased compared to the monetary value that will be paid. The entire benefit bundle includes functional properties of the merchandise and related service properties. Making value non merely transforms gross revenues effectivity. it besides provides insularity from monetary value force per unit area. There are many gross revenues schemes. tactics and techniques for making value for clients. McDonald’s has identified the benefits that consumers would derive from the publicity by making a series of value to its client through the publicity. The entire value created to its consumers by McDonald’s comprises of four beginnings viz. merchandise. services. forces and image.

First. the merchandise ( Hello kitty Dolls ) were given as a premium to its loyal consumers at its cost monetary value when consumer purchases the Extra Value Meal. instead than bear downing any excess sum for it. McDonalds has created value to its consumers by offering this merchandise premium. In footings of service. McDonald’s has created value to its consumers an alternate manner of acquiring the sole dolls. where these dolls can merely be purchased through McDonald’s mercantile establishments during the limited period of clip. This series of limited-edition playthings will non be available as and when consumers want them. Third. the satisfaction gained by consumers by having these dolls.

As the dolls were limited edition and were sold at cheaper monetary value. McDonald’s has created the satisfaction feeling among its consumers when they own them. And eventually image value is created to McDonald’s consumers where the consumers have the option to take designs of their penchants during the one-month publicity. The image of ‘Kitty’ stand foring different civilizations marrying costumes creates value to those having them. Therefore. McDonald’s has added up values from all the four beginnings mentioned above to successfully make values to its consumers through its ‘Hello Kitty’ Promotion.

Recommendations and Decision

Here are several options that McDonald’s should hold considered before transporting out the publicity to avoid such mayhem from go oning:
1 ) Study the consumer behavior of Singaporeans
2 ) Time periods of the publicity
3 ) Increase the figure of playthings offered for publicity

In decision. the mayhem caused from the ‘Hello Kitty’ Promotion in Singapore has non tarnished McDonald’s image in any facet. This was proven when McDonald’s introduced another six sets of designs featured royal costumes around the universe a twelvemonth after. and the gross revenues seem non to be worsening. There was no repetition of the old year’s craze as McDonald’s was prepared. Several safeguards were taken such as restricting the figure of dolls each client can purchase to four. and had more dolls in stock for panic purchasing. Besides that. to supervise and command the crowds. McDonald’s has hired security forces and nomadic squad officers to see McDonald’s mercantile establishments.



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