Hello, the school makes this all the

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Estorninho and I am currently Deputy Head Girl here at CFS.

Before I even started here at CFS, I remember being given the chance to have a Taster Day; it was during the cross-curricular week so it wasn’t a normal school day but I assure you, I got an accurate feel for the school and the atmosphere in which their students grow and develop. Everyone here is a family and the small size of the school makes this all the more possible. Looking back now, I can tell you that as soon as I stepped out of the gates at 3:45 that day, I knew that this school was the right place for me. I have been nurtured and cared for in this incredible environment for three years and can say with my hand on my heart, that my parents had made the right choice to move me here.

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I started at CFS in Year 9, having previously attended a six-form entry state school, which was very different. Having joined the school with average grades and little confidence, I moved from middle set to top set fairly quickly. In my opinion, this was due to the hard work and dedication, of not only me, but my teachers also. From the well-prepared lessons, to the brilliant catch-up booklets, I was brought up to speed during my transition between middle and top set.

I have been able to get involved by helping out in Toe by Toe, a guidance programme for those with dyslexia – something that I helped out in last year and am hoping to continue with.

I hope that you have enjoyed your evening and now have a strong understanding of the ethos of our school. From me and the other prefects who have spoken tonight, we hope that you enjoy the rest of your evening and have a safe journey home. Robert, Maddie and I will be available afterwards if you have any questions. Thank you very much.



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