Henri Fayol Essay

September 12, 2017 Management

Henri Fayol ( Istanbul. 29 July 1841 – Paris. 19 November 1925 ) was a Gallic excavation applied scientist and manager of mines who developed a general theory of concern disposal that is frequently called Fayolism. [ 1 ] He and his co-workers developed this theory independently ofscientific direction but approximately contemporaneously. Like his modern-day. Frederick Winslow Taylor. he is widely acknowledged as a laminitis of modern direction methods.


Fayol was born in 1841 in a suburb of Istanbul. Ottoman Empire. His male parent ( an applied scientist ) was appointed overseer of plants to construct the Galata Bridge. which bridged theGolden Horn. [ 1 ] The household returned to France in 1847. where Fayol graduated from the excavation academy “Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines” in Saint-Etienne in 1860. In 1860 at the age of 19 Fayol started the excavation company named “Compagnie de Commentry-Fourchambault-Decazeville” in Commentry as the excavation applied scientist.

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In 1888 he became pull offing manager. when the mine company employed over 10. 000 people. and held that place over 30 old ages until 1918. By 1900 the company was one of the largest manufacturers of Fe and steel in France and was regarded as a critical industry. [ 1 ] Based mostly on his ain direction experience. he developed his construct of disposal. In 1916 he published these experience in the book “Administration Industrielle et Generale” Publications [ edit ]

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