Heroic Journey of Aladdin

December 26, 2016 General Studies

The heroic journey applies to many modern films and stories, one of them being the story of a poor Arabian boy named Aladdin. He fits the description of a true hero through his actions and adventures throughout the story, and most importantly learns extremely valuable lessons about being honest and true to himself. .

Aladdin was an orphan boy, growing up in the city of Agrabah with his pet monkey and only friend, Abu, and living off of only what he could manage to steal. Many times he came close to being caught and killed, but he always managed to escape. This was the only life he knew and he always dreamed of people being able to find out who he really was instead of the “street rat” they saw. Although he is a thief, Aladdin shows many signs of good character. At one point in the movie, after coming extremely close to being killed for stealing a loaf of bread, he finally loses the Sultan’s army and sits down to eat, only to get back up and give what he stole to two poor orphan children. Aladdin knew Agrabah as his home and stealing food as his life, but little did he know, that he was “The Diamond in the Rough”, and the only one who could enter the cave of wonders. His destiny was to become more than a broke orphan, and at the beginning of the movie, only the Sultan’s evil vizier, Jafar, knew it, but his intentions were evil and selfish. .

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In the very beginning of the movie when Jafar finds out that only “The Diamond in the Rough” could enter the cave of wonders, he immediately begins devising a selfish plan. He sends the guards out to arrest Aladdin and throw him into prison, where Jafar is waiting, disguised as an old, decrepit prisoner who knows the secrets of the cave of wonders. Aladdin is immediately interested and sees a chance to be rich and successful. He is called to adventure and here he begins his journey. .

Before Aladdin comes to the cave of wonders, his only friend is Abu, besides Princess Jasmine who he briefly met and fell in love with in the marketplace one day.


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