Hi long. My species is called Cosmopolitan

By February 14, 2019 General Studies

Hi my name is Jimmy Big Toes but you can call me Jimmy. I’m a Basking Shark or as nerds would call me Cetorhinus Maximus. I’m the second fattest shark living, I eat a lot. I mostly live in the British Waters so you’ll be seeing me wit dem English peeps. When I grow up I’ll grow 20 – 26 feet long. My species is called Cosmopolitan Migratory Species. I have the smallest brain of any shark, I don’t do good in “schools” (PUN)…………………

The basking shark, A.K.A me is a filter feeder. A filter feeder is a sub-group of suspension feeding animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles……(sorry I got some plankton in my mouth, BLAH) ….. from the water. Oh, talking about mouths when I swim forward with my mouth open my gill rakers filter zooplankton, very small fish and invertebrates. I guess you can say I’m on a SEEFOOD diet.

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People usually want me for my hide to make leather products and my fins for shark fin soup. They also use my cartilage for traditional Chinese medicine. Do I look tasty? I’m being protected with restrictions in many countries under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). I’m also being protected by sharktrust.org both are groups that are helping to save us basking sharks did I mention they’re really nice. Since 2008 it hasn’t been allowed to fish for or keep if accidently caught basking sharks in the waters of the European Union.

In conclusion you should protect me because I’m a vulnerable species for extinction please do your part because I’m obviously wonderful, fantastic, amazing and those who don’t should swim with the fishes………..oh I thought you would’ve left by now…………..bye.


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