Vitamins C and E

By January 31, 2019 Medical

High _dose supplementation with vitamins c and E and beta carotene linking for treatment of age related cataract and vision loss.

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Research proposal by nada atef
Sohage faculty of medicine

Senile cataract is an age-related, vision-impairing disease characterized by gradual thickening of the lens of the eye. It is leading cause of treatable blindness.
The definitive treatment for senile cataract by Lens extraction .
Two operations may be performed to remove age-related cataracts, although these are much less common. They are:
manual extracapsular extraction
intracapsular extraction
No tested , or clinically proven medical treatment exists to delay, prevent, or reverse the development of senile cataracts.
Aldose reductase inhibitors, which believed to inhibit the conversion of glucose to sorbitol, have shown promising good results in preventing sugar cataracts in animals. Other anticataract medications be investigated include sorbitol-lowering


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