High School and Selecting Main Ideas Essay

October 17, 2017 Management

My 3 highest tonss are: Information Processing ( 85 ) . Study Aids ( 95 ) . and Time Management ( 60 ) . The 3 countries I scored the lowest on are: Attitude ( 5 ) . Motivation ( 5 ) . and Choosing Main Ideas ( 20 ) . I’m traveling to work more on my attitude. because it’s of import to me that I graduate and get the grade in the calling that I want to purse. so that I can turn out to all the people who told me that I wouldn’t be nil. or had doubt in me. because my parents didn’t finish High School. nor calibrated. Motivation is likely one of the hardest 1 for me. because I’m a immense postponer. particularly when it comes to math. which is the topic I dislike the most. I think if I’m motivated to make the math I will acquire better classs.

I think it’s traveling to go on because Mr. Norrgran makes it interesting. he tends to jest around to wake us up if we’re non take parting. or shows us small fast ones so we can acquire the job better. On Choosing Main Ideas. the ground why I got a 5 is because when composing notes down. I tend to compose everything. even though it’s non needed. The ground why I do that is because to me. if I don’t write everything down. I ever have this voice in the dorsum of my caput. “What if that word. sentence. vocabulary is in the test” something like that. so I feel better if I merely compose it ALL down. merely in instance it’s usage full. I think it’s an OCD wont. At the terminal of the autumn semester. I hope to hold my attitude at 100. motive 100. and chief thoughts 100. because I know that will do me a better pupil on accomplishing my ends. to turn out to non merely those who would close me down. but to turn out to myself.

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