High School vs College

School is one of the most important priorities in life. Some people would say that there is no big difference between high school life and college life. Others would disagree. There are many similarities and many differences. For an example, high school is mandatory and college is not. High school teaches discipline and college teaches responsibility. College and high school life differ in many ways. With college there are many costs which include tuition, supplies, and depending if you live on campus or not, there are housing fees.

High school is much different in this aspect. High school students usually live at home therefore they do not have a housing expense. Also, high school is paid for through the city taxes and most students depend on their parents to supply them with all the supplies needed for school. Many college students, if not all, have to work to pay for school and to pay for other bills they have. This is a way of building responsibility and learning how to balance life. High school students don’t always need to have a job and if they do then the money is usually saved or used as extra spending money.

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High school students are taught more discipline than responsibility by going to school at the same time five days a week and having to complete tasks such as homework, after school practices, and simple things like arriving to class on time. College is a bit different when it comes to showing up for class on time, leaving early, or even showing up at all. Some college students take advantage of the coming and going aspect. Most professors will penalize them by not giving them the assignment or marking them down a certain percentage on their final grade. High school students do not get to experience this.

If the student is late for their high school class then usually they will be punished with a detention, a writing assignment, or even a trip down to the principal’s office. Although there are many differences, there are also a lot of similarities. College and high school students get the opportunity to choose the subjects they are interested in and would like to study either by signing up online or talking to a counselor. Also a key factor for success in both is that either being a college student or a high school student there is a lot of time and effort involved.

Both need time set aside for study and there is much effort needed to complete tasks and to complete them well. High school students are given a variety of classes to pick from and the same goes for college students, both have certain graduation requirements that need to be met. Although college students work toward degrees and high school students work toward a diploma there are many similarities in how these goals are met. High school is intended to prepare one for college by teaching the student discipline so that they can go on to learn how to be responsible.

Even though high school and college seem to be very different they still have many similarities. College is a different educational experience than high school but both give you material that you will use later on in life and both help to make one more knowledgeable in many different ways. School is not just a place you go to do worksheets and take tests it is also a life changing experience that can help shape a person. Even after all the differences and similarities they are both places that strengthen education. High school teaches discipline and college teaches responsibility and both are a necessity to living.



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