High School vs College Essay

August 16, 2017 General Studies

Upon go toing college for a semester and a half. I have found that I enjoy being a college pupil more than being a high school pupil. In the clip that Is have been in college. I have seen that more freedom is allowed to pupils in college than in high school. Such picks as the note pickings. the environment. or category choice are a few illustrations of how college is less restrictive than high school. Because of the educational freedom and holding more control over my instruction. I find being a college pupil more gratifying than being a high school pupil.

In high school. the categories that pupils take look to be easy. They seem easy because when a individual is in high school. he/she can merely brush effects off. For illustration. if person does non pay attending and does non make anything for the full category period. he/she can copy person else’s notes and still larn the stuff because they have that category five yearss a hebdomad. Another ground high school categories give the feeling of being easy is because a individual can lose school/class. non acquire penalized. and most of the clip the instructor will travel over the stuff the pupil had missed.

“High school is compulsory and free whereas college is voluntary and expensive. “ ( Information for High School Students ) On the other manus in college. the categories appear to be difficult. A college pupil can non merely brush a category off. Well. he/she can. but they will endure from it in the long tally. For case. if person does go on to go to category but has no purpose of paying attending to the talk. he/she is traveling to endure from non being attentive and will wish he/she did pay attending because most of the clip professors do non reexamine any of the talks or stuff before a trial.

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Like high school. a college pupil can copy another student’s notes it may be somewhat helpful. but non every bit much as if they had been in category and attentive. College categories are besides hard because a individual can non truly lose a category. In order to cognize what is traveling on and what assignments are traveling to be due. a pupil needs to go to every category if possible because he/she does non hold the same category five yearss a hebdomad. In college. it is either two or three yearss a hebdomad and that is it. If person does lose a category. it is really difficult to catch up on what he/she missed.

In high school. “teachers provide you with information you missed when you were absent but in college professors expect you to acquire from schoolmates any notes from categories you missed. ” ( The Differences High school vs College ) In my sentiment. losing one category in college is like losing a whole hebdomad in high school because that is how much stuff is covered in one category. Another subject to be compared and contrasted is note taking and instructors. in high school. the notes are given straight to the pupils by the instructor ; spelled out and everything.

Sometimes the instructor will state the pupils what to compose down in their notes from the text editions that are given to them. The instructor will normally state them what to analyze and wait until everyone is finished composing to go on. Similarily in college sometimes a pupil does acquire one of the professors which do state them what to compose down and make write notes on the board for them. but the notes are non every bit obscure as in high school. On the other manus. when a professor lectures. the pupils have to listen carefully and compose downideas that seem to be importnat to them.

In college. abbreviations are a cardinal facet because people are non traveling to be able to compose down the professor’s talk word for word. so alternatively they take the chief thoughts and compose them down. Teachers. both in high school and college. differ in his/her ain category policies. For illustration. both in high school and in college. you can hold one instructor that is highly nice and will state you what to compose and analyze and you can besides hold a instructor who is non so nice and does non state you anything and you have to sort of figure it out for yourself.

The last subject in which I am traveling to compare and contrast is the atmosphere/environment. In senior high school. a pupil does non truly hold much freedom. high school is sort of like a gaol. A pupil has to be in category by a certain clip. and if he/she is late. he/she can acquire in an tremendous sum of problem. For case. if a high school walks into category five proceedingss late. and his/her instructor is non really nice. that pupil is most likely traveling to have a referaal and a detainment. A pupil in high school merely has approximately two to three proceedingss between each category.

However. in college the environment is non as rigorous. There is a good sum of freedom at college. There are interruptions between categories anyplace from a few proceedingss to a few hours. During these interruptions. a individual does non hold to remain at school. “Although there is freedom in college. likewise to high school eventhough a college pupil will non acquire a referral or detainment the student’s professor does look to acquire huffy if a pupil is late consistentaly and will take a point or two off his/her engagement and attempt class. if he/she happen to hold one of those non so nice professor’s.

“ ( Personal Interview ) Overall. there are many similarities and differences between high school and college. I found at that place to be more differences in my hunt than similarities. I stated three capable affairs but there are many more. such as. the trials. the people. the work. and so on. Bing a college pupil now. if there was an chance for me to travel back and live over my high school yearss i would. but this clip I would pay much more attending because one time person gets to college it seems to be ten times harder!


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