Highschool Stereotypes Essay

By July 25, 2017 General Studies

When you foremost enter high school. you can confront many different troubles. ( tests. new friends. play etc. ) But one of the most nerve-racking troubles of all are stereotypes. ‘What is a stereotype? Where do I suit in? Do I Have to suit in? ’ are merely some of the things you may be worrying about. There are three chief stereotypes that I have come to acknowledge that are in about every individual school. The homework. the swots. and the emos. I will assist you sort which is which and understand the difference so that you can find whether you want to suit in with these groups. or travel your ain manner.

The first chief stereotype is the homeworks. They will normally be good talked about and you will hear their names frequently. They dress nice in expensive vesture. are normally affluent and are sometimes in athleticss like football or cheerleading. This stereotype is normally filled with fine-looking people and these types of childs are known to be meaner than norm. There are advantages and disadvantages to being one of the homeworks. Some good things about being one is that you are good known. people envy you and desire to be your friend.

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You normally have merriment because you are invited to parties and everyone wants to be around you. A few disadvantages are that you’re expected to dress nicely at all times. you are besides supposed to move consequently even if that means being rude to person else. The 2nd stereotype is the swots. These childs are the exceptionally smart 1s. These are the people in your category that get consecutive A’s. They enjoy making prep and excess recognition and are normally known to be socially awkward. They frequently wear spectacless or braces or take a breath to a great extent and frequently acquire bullied.

Merely like every other stereotype I am speaking about today. being a swot besides has it’s ain ups and downs. Some advantages are that you get first-class classs. which makes instructors impressed. and parents proud. Besides. since you’re academically higher you are more likely to acquire into a good college and acquire an first-class instruction. which will likely take to a high paying occupation in the hereafter. Some downsides are that you won’t be invited anyplace merriment. likely won’t have many friends and might acquire picked on a batch by schoolmates or toughs. The 3rd stereotype is the emos. This is likely the easiest stereotype to descry out.

They dress in all black. really dark make-up. bleached black hair and are normally depressed and don’t speak to anyone outside their circle. They frown upon the normal members of society and think they are ‘different’ . They are normally sad and their conversations revolve around how they want to decease and how awful life is. These childs despise the preppy childs and detest anything happy or cheery. They normally spend a batch of clip jumping category together. and chew the fating online to each other. The top to fall ining this stereotype is that they have an uneven sense of community. They all stick together no affair what and listen to each other’s jobs.

Some of the downsides are that you are looked down upon by most people in society. and most people do non desire to near you or acquire to cognize you. It will be difficult for you to acquire a nice occupation. and people will do bad premises about you. Well. now you know the 3 chief high school stereotypes. The homework. the swots. and the emos. You can be average and popular with the homeworks. be geeky but have good classs with the swots. or be depressed but have a sense of community with the emos. You can weigh out the positives and negatives for each and make up one’s mind if one of these groups is right for you or you can make up one’s mind to merely be yourself and travel your ain way.


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