Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway English Literature Essay

This narrative consists of two chief characters who are the miss and the American adult male. The waitress and people in the saloon are the other characters who have superficial functions in the narrative. In my sentiment the miss is the most of import character and she has outstanding function in this narrative because the operation is traveling to go on for her and her determination is of import in this instance. “ The adult male said, it ‘s non truly an operation at all ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) .She is a supporter who worries a batch about the hereafter of her relationship. For case she asks the adult male whether he will be happy and things will be like the yesteryear and he will love her once more, if she did it ( Hemingway: 1 ) . Consequently, She has a unit of ammunition character because we get a batch of information about her and there are tonss of spreads to make full ( Abbott: 133 ) . She is the individual who cares a batch about maintaining this relationship and being loved by the adult male. For illustration it can be traced in the undermentioned sentence in the narrative: “ Then I ‘ll make it because I do n’t care about me ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . She is besides a type, She is dependent and emotional character. Whatever she wants to make she asks the adult male ‘s thought. “ What should we imbibe? ” or “ could we seek it? ” ( Hemingway: 1 ) . She is besides really emotional because we see that she changes her head invariably non harmonizing to logical rules and she makes determination by her bosom non her head. For illustration she says “ so I ‘ll make it because I do n’t care about me ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) .

Another unit of ammunition character is the adult male who seems to be selfish in coercing the miss to make abortion because he likes his current life manner. The ticket on the bags show that he enjoys going and seeing the universe and he thinks holding a babe does n’t allow him follow his dreams. For case he says “ that is the lone thing that bothers us ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . He tries to carry the miss by repeatedly stating that “ it ‘s absolutely simple ” ( Hemingway: 2, 3 ) . He seems so disquieted and he wants to acquire to the conversation about abortion so when the adult female talks about the other things he merely gives short responses to demo that he is non interested but when he starts to convert the miss to make the abortion he talks a batch and he becomes more active in the conversation. Unlike Jig who wants to be intimate, the adult male does n’t care about that and merely worries about the unborn babe. He can besides be a type because he is dominant and he wants to command the miss by stating her what to make. “ It ‘s an terribly simple operation, Jig ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . He wants to coerce the miss to make the operation.

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The adult female and people in the saloon are level characters because we do n’t acquire much information about them and they do n’t play an of import function in narrative. As Porter Abbott references that in level characters there is non any complexness and deepness feeling in their behaviours ( Abbott: 133 ) . They merely give us a sense of puting in which the narrative happens. The most seeable influence that the adult female has in the narrative is when she comes and says about the clip of following train ‘s reaching.

Hemingway tries to pull the reader ‘s attending towards the subject of the narrative which is abstract and can be extracted from the struggle of the chief character ‘s action. The technique applied in the narrative is conflict sing values, thoughts, feelings and ways of seeing the universe in a society. ” ( Abbott: 55 ) . In the duologue between the miss and the adult male, I got the feeling that they had an on-going struggle with each other, the adult male tries to carry the miss that holding a babe will do them unhappy and trouble oneself them but the girl thinks that if they lose the babe they will lose everything and they will ne’er acquire it back ( Hemingway: 2 ) . By sing this issue, the subject focuses on different positions towards the different universes of the miss and the adult male. Escaping of duty and hold oning the passing pleasance are the chief issues that the readers have construed from the adult male ‘s behaviour through the narrative. The chief characters of this narrative who have controversial argument about acquiring rid of the transporting babe. The adult male knows baby as a major obstruction to making long term felicity, besides he insists on the pick of abortion to do him free from the duty. “ It ‘s merely to allow the air in ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . the fallowing illustration shows that the adult male disagrees with the birth of the babe. On the other manus, the miss shows uncertainness about abortion. She wants to maintain this babe because she thinks this issue is an component for making stableness in her love and life. “ If I do it you ‘ll be happy and things will be like they were and you ‘ll be happy and things will be like they were and you ‘ll love me? ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . She thinks by losing the babe she may lose the luck for holding a household that can salvage her from rootlessness.

By calculating out the motive in the narrative, the technique offered by Porter Abbott was used ; looking at the topics that repeatedly said throughout the narrative ( Abbott: 95 ) . Sing this definition, it can be mentioned that imbibing intoxicant is as a motive which is repeated through the narrative, by trusting to acquire out of problem and altering the ambiance of conversation. “ Should we hold another drink? All right ” ( Hemingway: 1 ) . They order beer once more and they drink, they feel better and alter atmosphere and the adult male starts to take the duologue frontward. The drape that we mentioned supra as a symbol is another motive which is a topic for communicating between the twosome with waitress and the manner of passing. “ He went out through the bead drape ” or “ The adult female came out through the drapes… ” ( Hemingway: 3 ) . “ Two ” is another motive, fillet of the train for two proceedingss, the station was between two lines of rail, transporting “ two ” bags ( Hemingway: 1, 2, 3 ) .In other words, it refers to existence of different desires and sentiments between two characters of the narrative which, in a manner, has caused the struggle through the narrative.

There are a figure of symbols which reader can recognize the subject of the narrative by agencies of these symbols. At the beginning of narrative the miss looks at the line of hills and said: “ They look like white elephants. ” ( Hemingway: 1 ) .A Hills symbolize the job that the twosome are involved in ; the white colour represents the artlessness of unborn babe, elephant is a symbol of the abdomen of a pregnant adult female. When the miss looks at the hills, she hopes to happen the solution ; meanwhile the American adult male looks at the hills and does n’t happen any solution. “ I ‘ve ne’er seen one ” ( Hemingway: 1 ) . The lines of tracks is another symbol which can demo two picks of the determination by the different point of position of the twosome. On one manus she sees “ Fieldss of grains along the Bankss of the Ebro. Far off, beyond the river, were mountains. ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . This portion symbolizes fecundity and birthrate and doing hope in Jig by maintaining the babe because after seeing this scene she says “ we could hold all things. ” ( Hemingway: 2 ) . On the other manus there is deficiency of passion in life and everything is brown and dry by losing the babe “ there is no shadiness and no trees. ” ( Hemingway: 1 ) . The miss should take an option by choosing the path of train during the limited clip.

When speaking about signifiers of narrative, it is of import to emphasize out that storyteller of this narrative is an omniscient, the direct and indirect manners are applied to the representation with displacements from direct to indirect manner and, eventually into the free indirect manner ( Porter Abbott: 71,77 ) . The impressive characteristic of the narrative, is narrated about by duologue, besides narrator utilizations citation Markss and so displacements from direct to indirect manner: “ I ‘ll shout ” , the miss said. The adult female came out through the curtainsaˆ¦ ” ( Hemingway: 3 ) . We can detect 3rd individual storyteller evidently narrates the narrative by agencies of free indirect manner.

In decision, the narrative posses with characters, subjects, motives and the struggle between the twosome who are chief characters in duologue. As mentioned above the miss ( Jig ) and the American adult male have different types of characters. Narrator by reiterating some symbols and depicting the landscape of topographic point draws attending of reader to the subject of the narrative. Hemingway illustrates different ways of believing between the miss and American adult male on abortion ; it besides shows miscommunication between them. Regardless of the subject in this narrative the twosome in the rail station should make up one’s mind about their hereafter whether taking to a new life, birthrate and doing household, or stoping up to decease and losing the chance in future. I suppose at the terminal, the miss found herself satisfied and joyous based upon the determination that they made. It brought her comfort in head and felicity in psyche as she said: “ I feel all right ” ( Hemingway: 3 ) . In my thought Hemingway has left some infinite in this narrative for the reader to believe about different facets of modern life in a consumer society and the struggles that modern people experience in their lives in their ways to make felicity.



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