Hilton Hotels Case Study

May 19, 2018 Information Technology

Hilton started its operation in 1919 with Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas, and in 1946 the company became public with properties in 11 states in United States. Today they are present in 78 countries and are over 300 properties. The mission statement of Hilton Hotel Corporation is “To be the preeminent global hospitality company – the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike” (Hiltonworldwide. com). Interpreting the mission statement we can analyze to understand Hilton’s core business. Following are the elements of their core business: 1.

To be the leader in global hospitality company – Hilton works aggressively to gain competitive advantage over other competing hotels so as to retain its global image and reputation and be the first choice of the people travelling around the world for business or leisure. 2. Blackstone’s intention to grow the business and brands globally – After the takeover of Hilton by Blackstone group, the main intention of the group is to invest in Hilton and other brands from around the world which will help them to grow the business for the benefit of stakeholders and eventually become a “premier in global hospitality business”.

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Enhance the guest experience – Hilton believes in providing experience better than the last time the guest visited them, by taking care of guests’ preferences and what the guest would be expecting out of them. 4. Consistency of Services – Hilton believes that wherever the guest travels around the world the services provided should be consistent. They work on minimizing the difference in level of services through various training programs for the employees. 5. Employee empowerment/

To achieve all the above Hilton empowers each employee so the employee can provide ace service to the guests. 6. Brand Management Company – Hilton defines itself as a brand management company, whose main aim is to take excellent care of their guests. Hilton over a period of time has built a global brand value. The brand value of Hilton can be said to be the best in the lodging industry. The portfolio of brands that Hilton offers is varied, right from value hotels to high end hotels. They have a diversified brand offering for various segments of the guests.

The brand portfolio consists of the following hotels and resorts: 1. Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts 2. Conrad Hotels and Resorts 3. Hilton Hotels and Resorts 4. DoubleTree by Hilton 5. Embassy Suites 6. Hilton Graden Inn 7. Hampton 8. Homewood Suites by Hilton 9. Home2 Suites by Hilton 10. Hilton Grand Vacations To maintain and enhance their brand value in the lodging industry Hilton uses various methods, which in turn also add to their competitive advantage: 1. Hilton HHonors – An award winning guest loyalty program. 2.

Hilton Worldwide Sales – A professional team responsible to maintain and build customer relationship in addition to meeting their demand. 3. Hilton’s Reservation and Customer Care – Team of customer Care Executives providing 24/7 multi-language customer support functions. 4. Global Online Services – Services reaching guests all around the world through latest technology, on their mobiles, laptops and desktops. 5. Revenue Management Consolidated Centre – Team to enhance the market share through price optimization, channel and inventory management.

Information Technology – The very basis of Hilton’s competitive and performance management is through Hilton’s involvement in technology. 7. Hilton’s Supply Chain – Hilton’s team responsible for securing the best quality and prices products with fastest delivery system. Thus we can say that Hilton has worked its way to the top in the lodging industry and is performing its best to thrive at the top. The brand value it has developed is the best in the industry.


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