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This paper outlines and discusses the appropriate hiring processes from start to finish with keeping in mind the types of laws that help to protect the company and potential employees. It also delves into the ethical issues concerning drug testing within a company. The research conducted will show that in the interview process some test are shown to help the company learn about the candidate, however, can cause some negative vibes between the two as the potential employee would view it differently.

When an organization decides to expand its business, whether it is globally or locally, here needs to be a guideline when it comes to finding good talent for the new offices to fill different roles as they are needed. While many things are important in this process, the interview is by far the most important step in gauging how a potential employee would fit into the company and is thought to be a far better predictor of how that person’s performance will be; especially when compared to other techniques that company’s employ when it comes to selecting candidates for hiring.

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With knowing that the fate of a company lies inside the quality and efficiency of the people that are employed with the company, it is crucial that the right people are placed in the accurate roles within the company. Hiring new employees is a strategic function in the department of Human Resources and with that comes recruitment and selection as a process for hiring new employees.

While many employees are selected by Job site posting on what the company is looking for and having their resumes sent in to the organization, recruitment is a bit different being that it is a tool that can be used in finding and attracting potential applicants for employment. The difference between the two is simply the act of searching out the potentials rather than the resumes being sent in to be reviewed; far lengthier than Just letting people seek out the organization but it does cut down on reviewing since recruiting is basically them being sought out for a specific reason.

First and foremost, there must be an outline to the hiring process for the selection committee to go by: 1. Get Ready to Hire a. Review Positions and Descriptions (Hire within? ) b. Develop a Recruitment Plan c. Select an Interview/Selection Committee 2. Implement A Hiring Plan a. Place Ads (Newspaper, Online) b. File Information from Each Applicant 3. Screen and Interview Applicants a. Review Applications b. Plan an Effective Interview (Ability/Cognitive test) c. Conduct Interviews d. Assess and Check References 4. Hiring a.

Make Offers to best Candidates b. Get Employee started (California State University, 2014) The first step in hiring for the new office would be to know exactly what Jobs need to be filled and what the requirements for that Job are. Having an officer manager to head up the new branch and to delegate to employees under them would be the first step in filling the vacant positions; this would be best to be handled first internally or those in the management field that have a clear understand of the company and are seeking to be placed in upper management.

If no one is qualified for that position, it would naturally be placed in advertisements that any potential employees would need at least a couple of years in the management field and a bachelor’s degree in business management. After this we would have to look for those that would work beside the manager in a delegated role of handling everyday business. Other employees would need to have at least an associate degree in some type of business field and a few years of experience in the work force.

However, those that are seeking employment straight out of college will be considered if they currently have a degree in business management and have excelled in such classes; this would require a portfolio of said academia to go along with their resume. Once position descriptions, along with qualifications are reviewed and stated; having a team assembled to help with the selection of interviewees would be the next step (Isaac, 2014).

This committee needs to be, at minimum, two people and should be chosen on their ability to be objective, needs to have knowledge of the Job in question, and know basic principles of employment laws, such as; cannot discriminate based on sex, religion or race (U. S. Department of Labor, 2014). There are many ways to advertise a Job vacancy; however, the company must be sure to include the Job description for the applicants to review. Some of the many ways to advertise would be: 1 . Notify Recruitment Agencies 2. Newspaper Employment Sections 3. Radio Announcements 4. Websites like wry.

Jobsharer. Com 5. The company’s own newsletter or website (for closed merit/internal hiring) 6. Informing Colleges or Vocational/Training establishments Isaac, 2014) The extent in which a company advertises is very important, without it, the selection committee would have a hard time meeting the amount of people that they would need to hire for the new offices. After the applications begin to roll in, it is important to work quickly by reviewing each one and determine the short list by culling out many of the unsuitable candidates that have sent in their applications.

If a large amount of applications are sent in to the company, it is best to have the entire committee working on them rather than Just the chairperson selected to oversee the roof (Isaac, 2014). The way to help get through the applications to quickly reduce them to a decent number that can be worked with and later on interviewed, would be to first disregard the ones that do not have the necessary information that was asked of them, such as; experience and education/training.

The next set of elimination would be the ones that have insufficient knowledge, experience, or ability for the Job. One a decent list of potential employees are left that warrant a closer look, the group can then tally up the criteria met and meet with the ones that seem to have far more knowledge or experience first. This would lead us to arranging the interviews with the ones left on the short list of applicants. First off, notifying the applicant should be personally telephoned.

Email should not be used; Just because it was sent to the person, doesn’t mean it was received. Also, letters, while better than an email, are still not as good as telephoning. Every notification should have the start time of the interview, name of who they will be meeting with, contact details of that person, and address of venue (Isaac, 2014). The interview should be arranged for the convenience f both parties involved and the chairperson should help to make it possible to come up with a time and date that everyone can live with.

Conducting an interview consist of first compiling interview questions that pertain to the Job material at hand; pertinent questions about training, educations and even hypothetical situations dealing with every day business can help the interviewer get insight to the candidate. Also, it is important to not short change the duration of an interview as anything less than thirty minutes doesn’t give enough time for the interviewer to really get information as well as take notes on each individual. It’s also imperative to stay away from questions that have to do with religion, marital status, their race, or sexual preference.

Also, do not state anything that could be led back towards a breach of implied contracts, like; significant pay increases, Jobs for life (Reuters, 2014). Anything that can be said in an interview and taken as a contract that doesn’t happen can be said is a broken contract and can lead to legal issues. While interviews are really good for questioning an interested party on their knowledge base as well as their experience; many companies will use cognitive ability test along with personality test to help assess their potential employees.

While many found that the personality test alone caused the applicants to take offense; citing that it made them view the company’s fairness and attractiveness to them in a negative light (Rose, Miller, & Stretcher, 1994). However, the study showed that when paired with cognitive ability or another valid ability test, the reactions were far more positive and it allowed the company to gauge not only the personality of the individuals and how they would fit into the company but their knowledge scope as well.

Once the interviews are conducted, the selection process begins by choosing the candidates that meet the criteria for the Job. Jobs are, for the most part, on a merit system. Closed merit meaning that they are selectively choosing from within the company, while open merit simply means that the Job was advertised to any who possess the knowledge and education to be hired for the Job. With this sort of merit system, we can look at applicants as being in competition for a Job and whoever is the best will be hired.

Once potentials have been selected, it is time to go back to the application and check he references that they have provided through the application and interview process. While these references have agreed to be telephoned, there is no need to keep them on the line for more than five minutes and be sure to have interview questions prepared. Also, it is important to listen to what is said (and often times, what not is said) in order to get a clear view of what kind of work you may expect from your future employee (Isaac, 2014).

Once references check out, it is up to the chairperson to formally notify not only the ones selected to work for the company, but the ones that were unsuccessful as well. This is a courtesy so that they may look for employment elsewhere without wondering if they should or shouldn’t because of a potential Job with this firm. It also helps to be pretty swift about this with the ones that will be offered the Job because they may have had other interviews and offers as well.

When interviews are being conducted it is important to review things like drug testing within a company. While some fear it may cause strife between the employees, sometimes it is a necessary evil to thwart any unnecessary issues caused from someone’s substance abuse. However, since some regular things used daily can how up as a drug or the fact that someone taking an antidepressant really isn’t a company’s business, it is very hard to say what would be the ethical way of approaching.

If someone shows a lack of work or the company is suffering from someone’s inability to work, it could be caused from a disrupted home life or substance abuse and counseling should be offered for those who need it and drug testing should be done accompanied while taking into consideration that some will view it as a lack of privacy and as a company, you must tread lightly (UCLA, 1997). While the interview process may seem long and complicated, it really isn’t the case; he outline is simply a guideline in order to make sure all steps are taken to help the process go smoothly for not only the participants but the company as well.


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