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September 25, 2017 General Studies

Alliance System and the New Imperialism Paper Team C Hist. 114 October 30, 2010 Paul Eber Alliance System and the New Imperialism Paper Great Britain is a country founded by a union, the Act of Union, of 1707, states that England and Scotland should be united into one kingdom which they named Great Britain! Even though it has been many years since the 19th and 20th century many facts have not changed from that time. Great Britain till this day is part of the greatest powers of allies of the world. In this paper we are going to talk about the alliance system and about the new imperialism in Great Britain by answering a few questions.

First, what alliances did Great Britain belong to and who were their primarily allies and what were the concerns for security, strength, and wealth that led Great Britain to enter these alliances. Second, how other empires expansionism fueled a race for empire and the major imperialist activities of Great Britain during the 19th century. Finally last but not least how concerns of Great Britain for security, strength, and wealth led Great Britain to seek to expand colonial holdings and how Great Britain’s alliances and imperial ambitions led to its involvement in World War I.

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Answering these questions will give our readers information about Great Britain. The European’s struggle eventually became into a general problem with the European society. This became a result of declaring war against Russia on August 1, 1914. Another result was a international war involving thirty two countries. Twenty-eight of the countries were known as the Allies, some of the Allied Nations included, France, Italy, Russia, and the United States of America and also Great Britain. The other allies or the enemies of the Allied Nations of which Great Britain and was not a part of and which they were against, were called the Central Powers.

Members of this group were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Concerns for security, strength, and wealth that led Great Britain to enter these alliances because Great Britain did not want to abandon the policy of isolation and having peace with Morocco which this country is rich in mineral and agricultural wealth. Many different countries such as France, Germany and the United States, were trying to make improvements to their empires by expanding their territory. This was a form of expansionism.

There was an industrial boom in this period. Many railroads were created, steam power was used and ways to communicate faster, pushed Britain to expand their empire. Countries like Russia and Germany were traveling through eastern Europe to see what land was out there. Russia was looking for new territory so they would not have to be dependent on imports. The lack of land and bread forced Russia to search for new territory. As Germany expanded their arsenal other counties were looking for ways to keep up with the arms race.

New technology such as machine guns and trench warfare made other countries aware of the fulled race for empire expansionisms. After napoleon’s reign through western europe Germany, Russia and the U. S had to come up with the system of alliances in order to protect their land and political interest. This paticaular movement of communism and the spread of dictatorship domanance forced countries to expand. Like German Britain was trying to position themselves in a place where they would not be defeated by any of its neighbors.

Britain’s major imperialist activities in the 19th century was the domainace it had in africa. Being in Africa was a strategic and defensive move for the british. In Africa Britain wsa trying to expand, search for new markets and new material. But their main goal was to colonize and to protect old land holding. Britain also had free trade within Africa. Rather expand and fight for more territory Britain tried to maintain and control its interest with Africa and India Empire. References Kilansky. M.. Geary. P.. and O’Brien. P. (2008). Civilization In The West (7th ed. ). New York. NY:Pearson Lingman


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