Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Essay

September 15, 2017 Nursing

The scientific discipline of nursing has come a long manner since the yearss of when the art of nursing was passed on to other nurses through instruction of accomplishments and undertakings. Through the development of nursing theories. the scientific discipline of nursing has changed and grown. Nursing theories were developed to assist standardise attention and to assist make a base of cognition so that nursing would be recognized as a profession. There have been many theoreticians who have played an built-in portion in the growing of the profession of nursing. which include. Florence Nightingale. Hildegard Peplau. Virginia Henderson. Dorothea Orem. and Jean Watson to call a few. As theories developed. it helped to determine nursing as a profession every bit good. As the profession continued to germinate and turn. it received many influences from other subjects as good. such as doctrine. societal scientific discipline. faith. instruction. and anthropology. The history of nursing began with Florence Nightingale and the manner she viewed nursing and nurses. She was a innovator for nursing theories.

Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . Nightingale created the first theory. which was created in 1859 by her book Notes on Nursing. by understanding how the environment of the patient and their wellness were affected by that environment. She believed that the environment was of import for people to mend. and that use of that environment was of import. George ( 2011 ) . provinces that Nightingale focused on people’s nutrition. the proper manner to dispose of sewerage. and how the lighting and airing would assist people. This was merely the beginning of how theories began. For many decennaries. Nightingale’s theory guided nursing pattern. Not until the 1950s at the Columbia University. where the pupils there were developing nursing theories. was there a displacement in nursing theories. Some of the theoreticians during this clip were Peplau. Henderson. Hall. and Abdellah. Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . many of the theories of this clip were based on the biomedical theoretical account. and were focused on what the nurse and what they do. This sparked the demand to hold nurses more extremely educated.

This besides led to the following moving ridge of nursing instruction. Alligood ( 2014 ) states that towards the 1950s the sheepskin nurse began to phase out and that more nursing plans were opening in colleges and universities. which had more research and course of study focal point. By holding higher educated nurses. it showed that research became the manner to increase nursing cognition. The 1960s continued to show how nursing theories were altering. Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . the nurse and patient relationship became more the focal point of theoretical thought as opposed to the job and demand of the patient manner of thought. George ( 2011 ) besides states that the same theoreticians from the fiftiess that were developing theories went to Yale school to go staff at that place. This decennary besides showed a alteration in the instruction of nursing. George ( 2011 ) continues on to province that the American Nurses Association recommended that there be two degrees of instruction. the baccalaureate degree. and the associate degree nurses.

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During this decennary the theoreticians to observe were. Henderson. Orlando. and Wiedenbach. Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . Henderson “defined nursing as making for others what they lack the strength. will. or cognition to make for themselves” ( p. 25 ) . This shows how nursing began. and continues today. Walker and Avant ( 2011 ) province that Orlando and Widenbach’s theories focused on the nurse-patient relationship. In the following decennary. harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . is when many nursing theories were presented and revised. and that this is when the National League for Nursing foremost implemented the demand for nursing schools to hold conceptual model to be even accredited.

Alligood ( 2014 ) states that this decennary is when doctorial grades for nurses should really be in nursing. Rogers. Orem. and Watson are some of the theoreticians that contributed to the scientific discipline of nursing in this decennary. Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) . Rogers believed that a individual and the environment are built-in to each other. and the individual is seen as the whole alternatively of the aggregation of the parts. George ( 2011 ) states that Orem had identified three countries of self-deficit in patients and that nursing were able to supply to the full. partly. or supportive in the three countries that the patient needed. Last George ( 2011 ) describes Watson’s theory and how nursing is viewed as taking attention of people through scientific discipline.

The 1980s and 1990s continued to demo growing and development of nursing theories. Many of the theories of the eightiess were being revised. Harmonizing to George ( 2011 ) in the 1990s is when in-between theories began to steer nursing and the debut of evidence-based pattern. This paved the manner to how research helps to steer nursing in the scientific discipline.

Nursing has grown since Nightingale foremost introduced her theory. It has evolved from an art and subject. into a scientific discipline and a profession. Barrett ( 2002 ) states that the best attempts toward detecting the truth. best represents scientific discipline and scientific cognition. and that it is germinating. capable to alteration. is open-ended. and creates alterations in thoughts. Barrett ( 2002 ) goes on to province. “research is how we create scientific discipline. ” This goes to demo that nursing is a profession. in that nursing is in a changeless province of research and utilizing that research to make better results. Harmonizing to Barrett ( 2002 ) . the cognition that is gained for nursing scientific discipline is done through nursing research. Alligood ( 2014 ) states that in order for new cognition to be obtained in nursing. it is overriding that theories and research continue to be of import. It is through the uninterrupted creative activity and alteration of theories. and grounds through research that continue to determine nursing as a profession.

The nursing profession is one that draws many influences from other subjects as good. such as doctrine. faith. instruction. anthropology. the societal scientific disciplines and psychological science. Nurses use doctrine about on a day-to-day footing. the quest for more wisdom. The nurse’s desire to desire to understand patients and how their environment. societal interactions. and picks affect their wellness. Desiring to understand more and turn nursing. theoretician use the footing of doctrine to derive more cognition. Religion is another influence in nursing that allows nurses to link with patients on a religious degree and to assist steer ethical picks and to be a patient advocator.

Nursing topographic points nurses in the womb-to-tomb pupil place as good. It is a profession where instruction is uninterrupted. and it allows nurses to go pedagogues every bit good. Anthropology and nursing are intertwined and have much in common due to both Fieldss focus on the wellness and unwellness of human existences ( DeSantis. 1994 ) . Nursing is influenced by societal scientific discipline and psychological science every bit good. It is through societal scientific discipline that nurses can present culturally competent attention. from the apprehension of people and society. Psychology helps steer nurses in to better understanding the human mind. and how the head and behavior affect people and their wellness.

The nursing profession has grown since Nightingale foremost introduced her theory. Since so. nursing theoretician have been working on supplying evidence-based pattern to assist steer the profession of nursing through research and surveies. It is through the creative activity of these theories that helped pave the manner for nursing scientific discipline to go a profession. In add-on. the influence of the many different scientific disciplines and their subjects besides contributed to the scientific discipline of nursing.

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