History Of A Digital Diary Project Information Technology Essay

Keeping information about the individual has been troublesome concern for world recently as he was being introduced to hundred of new individuals in his twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. Roll uping information about the pupils in a school and college might be truly a seldom willing occupation. Our undertaking aims to those occupations for keeping information of the people so we named it as a Digital Diary undertaking.

Equally shortly as the plan is being executed user merely necessitate to follow the direction and have the information entered to the package so package pull off the information being entered and salvage them for the future mention of the user. Though tonss of information direction package is soon available in market, this is the initial measure and would be updated in the yearss to come.

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Computer is an advanced/modern electronic device, which takes natural informations as input so processes these informations as per given direction so gives end product ( consequence ) and shop in for the hereafter mentions. It is besides a problem-solving machine, which can treat both numerical and non numerical information. It is a wholly user dependent device. It has no its ain encephalon. So it can non believe its ain.

C is the general intent, structured programming linguistic communication of computing machine dwelling of footings that resemble algebraic looks. Designed as other high degree structured programming linguistic communications such as Pascal and Fortran, C has got extra characteristics that allows it to be used at a lower degree computing machine languages. This flexibleness let the C be featured as system coder or applications programmer.

C is characterized by the ability to compose really concise beginning plans which are virus free in nature so the programmed designed in C linguistic communication has got pureness and flawlessness. Though with the aid of little direction and extended library maps enhance the basic direction and promote its user to compose extra library map on their ain.

Such A programming linguistic communication codification has been adapted for the effective running of our plan, Digital Diary. “ Digital Diary ” aims for the storage of the forces inside informations. This Diary helps as the balance of individual name his/her place reference, phone figure, email reference etc. People gives properness to looks now a yearss so a spot of artworks has been added to the content instead than doing old fashioned black N ‘ white expression. Every individual attempt has been done to add aura to the plan and to pull tonss of users as possible. As been discussed this plan is being build in C research lab or C plan so it does n’t dwell of any viruses that may consequence the computing machine but is 100 % free from those harming worms and bugs. With the aid of this plan people can salvage all his/her friends group and contact for the hereafter mentions.

Aims and Scopes

The few aims of this plan are listed as follows:

Main aims of this plan is to help users from memorising all those names of ain ‘s contact reference. Users can easy add the contact item in the plan so have addition efficiency in the user working process.

To minimise the work tonss of office forces in school, colleges and offices by allowing them acquire rid of the job of memorising the hemorrhoids name of pupils or coustomers.

To convey message to package developing companies about the potency of package developers in Nepal.

As Loads of package are present presently for pull offing the database system but those package are bulky and occupies big sum of storage disc size and are boring and need trained adult male power for effectual usage but the Digital Dairy designed by us is really much simple and cost low disc infinite and unskilled adult male power with nominal cognition of English can carry through thorough the plan. So the office necessitating customized type package can easy hold these package installed for their direction.


Preliminarily we have done study through out the Kathmandu vale to cognize about the colleges and schools who might necessitate our package being installed and found tonss of colleges holding their ain MS Access designed direction package and for the database direction. But some school near distant countries till this day of the month have been utilizing the old fashioned database direction so we aim our undertaking to those distant schools and have planned to develop this package.

Then we started doing basic work flow program for effectual completion of the undertaking. We made the system analysis and designed basic model to assistance in our work. We so started the occupation of cryptography of the plan for overall direction of database of individuals which include name of the individual, reference of the individual, his/her electronic mail Idaho and telephone figure, roll no or cite figure. Options like seeking the needed database by strings were made into consequence in the plan for easy location of the database of the individual. Option like adding and canceling record along with alteration option were present in the plan for effectual handiness.

Though the cryptography was done, there were tonss of mistakes in the plan, so for the trailing of the bugs in the plan debugging were done and so tested for multiple times till the coveted end product is obtained. When proving and debugging were done the plan was eventually ready to be used or being distributed.

Undertaking to be completed


System Analysis

2 yearss


1 hebdomad


1 hebdomad

Testing and Debuging

3 yearss

Expected End product

As for the rubric suggest, this Digital Diary supports for the proper maintaining of the database. It helps the user to hold full record of the people he has been with along with their contact reference, phone Numberss, email Idaho and mention figure. This plan besides helps in built-in hunt for the required information base. The expected end product here is being discussed along with some screenshots of the plan.

Initially after the plan is being executed it shows the name of the establishment utilizing it along with the reference of the establishment. Below the Name of the establishment it publishes the name of the publishing houses followed by list of package developers.

Fig 1.0: Welcome page

When we enter any cardinal the page would be executed to the 2nd page where option are being given utilizing switch system. Option for attention deficit disorder remove, modify, hunt, list are being executed here.

Fig 2.0: chief bill of fare

The database direction page would look as follows. Here name, axial rotation no, Faculty, telephone figure, address electronic mail Idaho would be printed. Through which we have to go through the value. Every clip after adding contact the verification duologue will be appeared inquiring for go oning or else.


This undertaking is based upon C programming so we had add our best attempt to implement all the cognition we have gained so far in C scheduling. Working on this undertaking had enhanced our cognition and accomplishments in C and will certainly assist us in future. Therefore, we hope “ Digital Diary ” be a great success.


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