HIV the disease, as well as the

HIV is a dangerous virus that infects human and before taking the class I did not have enough knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The first thing I didn’t know that HIV/aids can transmitted to others in so many different ways such as, it can spread through body fluids, cuts or any sores in the mouth, mother to child transmission, Sharing drug needles and sexually. In addition, I also didn’t know that the symptoms of HIV virus show up in first 2 or 3 months when a person infected and these includes fatigue, rashes, swollen gland, rashes cancer spots on the skin and extreme weight loss. In addition, most people HIV positive have depression because they are often discriminated. I never thought that the political influence could have affected the development of HIV. More than this, I never thought about it as a worldwide disease. The perspective of the disease, as well as the epidemiology and treatment, is very different in each country.

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