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February 10, 2019 General Studies

Hollywood and O’Hara
“Lana Turner has collapsed!” soon as the reader takes a look at the poem “Lana Turner has collapsed” by Frank O’Hara, they enter a state of shock. As the poem progresses, the tone suddenly shifts to a rather hectic and fast-paced motion. The speaker starts off with a shocking effect and switches directly to a frantic feeling. “I was trotting along and suddenly it started raining and snowing and you said it was hailing but hailing hits you on the head hard so it was really snowing and raining” Here the tone becomes swift and the speaker also describes the weather in a way to almost foreshadow what’s to come next, for sure not good news. He also manages to personify the setting when he compares the traffic and the sky, O’Hara states, “I was in such a hurry to meet you but the traffic was acting like the sky” (O’Hara 7-9). The traffic is described as if it can have control over itself but was “acting” like the sky. Throughout the poem O’Hara makes several comparisons and shifts in tone
The poem begins by focusing on Lana Turner, who was a popular american actress at the time. O’Hara displays an odd obsession for the celebrity and writes as if he is close to Lana Turner, however simultaneously acknowledges that she is in fact in no relation with him by making amplified comparisons between himself and Turner. He quotes “there is no snow in Hollywood there is no rain in California” (O’Hara 12-13). In these two lines he is comparing the weather of New York to that of California. He makes a distinct comparison between New York weather and California weather, making it seem that they’re worlds apart. Yet, again In the upcoming lines he contradicts himself and proceeds to connect his own experiences to the actress by stating “I have been to lots of parties and acted perfectly disgraceful but I never actually collapsed” (O’Hara 14-16). The poem soon comes to an end with a satirical tone when O’Hara states “oh Lana Turner we love you get up” (O’Hara 17). In a way He mocks hollywood by exaggerating the scenario and by comparing himself to Turner.


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