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January 1, 2017 Architecture

I visited the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Park Avenue in Bridgeport. I must say that while it did have many similarities to the Roman Catholic Church that I was accustomed to, it also had certain characteristics that made it very different. One of the most notable things is that they pay special attention to statues and icons. In their religion, religious icons hold a special importance to them.

When I attended Holy Trinity I noticed how visually appealing it was inside. There are many statues and other pieces of art throughout the church. Apparently, Orthodox art and architecture are integral aspects of the whole liturgical event. They believe that attending a service should appeal to all the senses. They do this by decorating the church with many statues, burning incense, and choral singing. The Greek Orthodox Church stresses that one becomes aware of God’s presence through the senses. .

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The structure of the mass is very similar to the Roman Catholic Church accept for a few noticeable differences. Most notably, that the whole mass is spoken in Greek. Another common trait is that the use of the Holy Scripture and the Creed. The Holy Scripture is made up of the writings of both the New and the Old Testaments. And the Creed contains the Church’s basic summary of doctrinal truths. The consecration and distribution of the bread and wine that constitute the Lord’s Body and Blood is also somewhat different than what I am used to as a Roman Catholic. Before receiving the Eucharist you are not to have eaten or drank anything or else you are not to be participate in Eucharist. And in some more strict Churches if a girl is having her period she as well is not allowed to participate in the sacrament for she is considered to be “dirty.” The Body and Blood, otherwise known as the bread and wine, are also somewhat different. The wine is a mixture of hot water and wine. And the bread is broken up into the wine, which is then served to you on a spoon.


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