Homosexuality: An Epic from the Beginning to the 21st Century Essay

Homosexuality. being cheery or sapphic. has been unacceptable to many in the past centuries. but the credence of unfastened homosexualism in the societies has grown in the past decennaries. In fact. there are now states with Torahs that allow same sex matrimony. In many societies. though there is no jurisprudence that allows same sex matrimony. there are twosomes of same sexes that live together – some with the credence of the society. some without. The earliest likely records about homosexual or homosexual actions may be traced from the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 19. poetries 1-9.

Two angels came to Lot to warn him about the catastrophe that God would convey to Sodom and Gomorrah. When the work forces of the metropolis saw the angels. they demanded Lot to manus the angels over to them. Though Lot offered his girls to them. they insisted on holding intercourse with those that they thought were mortal work forces. Hence. the term buggery has been coined because of the homosexual actions of the work forces of Sodom. History besides tells us that in ancient Greece. particularly in Athens. homosexual relationships among work forces were tolerated by the society. The most common among these relationships are those between the instructor and the pupil.

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Yet. the jurisprudence besides provided that the homosexual relationship had to halt the minute one of them got married. Dover and Halperin in Picket’s article in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy revealed that in some topographic points in Greece. homosexual relationship was non merely accepted but celebrated as a fluctuation. Well. in fact. Alexander the Great was one adult male noted by historiographers as a same-sex lover. Yet. what may be a stronger foundation of homosexual beginnings in Greeke civilization was the engagement of Zeus. the first Greek God. in same-sex feats.

Even in literature. there are rumours that Shakespeare was gay. Lost of the sonnets thought to be about love for a adult female were really written for a male friend. Whether Shakespeare is cheery or non is another narrative. but the fact that he has been rumored to be cheery and still holds his place in universe literature reveals the societies’ turning tolerance for homosexual relationships. There is besides Oscar Wilde. whose homosexualism has been unfastened to the populace. Again. in Grecian literature and mythology. two of the greatest heroes. Achilles and Hercules had been shown to hold intimate dealingss with a male friend.

It. must nevertheless. be noted that as adult females had to contend for their right for right to vote in 1920. homosexuals and tribades besides had to contend for their rights to gender equity. It was merely at the terminal of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century that gays and lesbians’ voices came to be heard. It was merely so that they gathered up the strength to come to the unfastened and battle for their rights as legitimate members of the society as citizens paying revenue enhancements. and taking portion in the labour force. In the early 1900s there were psychologists that had really negative positions sing homosexualism.

Sigmund Freud. for illustration. theorized in 1905 that homosexualism must be a consequence of an accretion of certain childhood experiences. Because of his influence brought by his success in bring arounding craze. two followings. Irving Bieber and Edmund Bergler. used his theory to label homophiles as mentally ill. Wikholm farther tells us that the homosexual and cheery release motions expended much energy in efforts to rebut the psychoanalysts’ homophobia and finally succeeded in 1974 when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexualism from its official list of mental diseases.

Finding a topographic point to name their ain was a battle for the homophiles even up to the 1920s. Gerber was able to register a Society for Human Rights. which was really a society for homosexuals. in 1924. He had province in the enrollment that it was an organisation for people with mental upsets. We can see at this point how low the public looks upon homophiles so. This aspect of medical history reveals how subjugation has united the homophiles to travel as one and they succeeded. This must hold been a major accomplishment in the development of homosexual and sapphic civilization – the civilization of integrity in contending for their rights.

We can follow similar spiels of integrity in records of history. when the laden or those in danger of subjugation unite to contend for a common end merely like the Greek metropolis provinces when they were threatened by Persia. However. a more of import note on homosexual and sapphic civilization must hold been brought by the release of straight persons in prenuptial sex. Harmonizing to the Pickett in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. the diminution of prohibitions of prenuptial sex in the twentieth century. weakened the base against homosexual intercourse.

He farther adds that these tendencies were normally strong in the 1960s and it was at this point where homosexual release took away. Although homosexual intercourse was nil new to the Greeks. it was different in the sixtiess. During the clip of the Greeks. homosexual intercourse was allowed merely when one of the work forces were till stripling. It had to halt when the male child reaches maturity. In the 1900s. homosexual intercourse went beyond adolescent period. Adults had homosexual relationships and went against the norms of the general populace.

A really important and possibly the most important event that led to gay and sapphic release was likely the Stonewall incident of 1969 when the constabulary raided Stonewall Inn. a cheery saloon. News reported four police officers got hurt when the frequenters of the saloon hurled bottle against them. This has seemed to be an emphatic reply to subjugation to homophiles by the populace. Seldom does it go on when in a foray. the 1s being raided battle back. except of class if they are armed. But in this instance. the frequenters of the cheery saloon were armed merely with bottles.

They knew they could be arrested for heavier offenses. yet they assaulted the constabulary officers anyhow. A intelligence point in The New York Times on June 29. 1969 had it that there were 400 work forces that gathered at the square and threw bricks. pennies. and refuse. It took some 45 proceedingss to eventually acquire clasp of the crowd. This has marked a loud call for a revolution in handling homophiles and a demand for equality in privileges. True plenty. their voices were heard in the undermentioned decennary. And when their voices started to be heard. a new epoch of a liberated coevals of homosexuals and tribades started to emerge.

Logical statements may be made to warrant the demands of homosexuals and tribades. Straight work forces and adult females have their ain topographic points to remain like bars and other haunts. Why so would a haunt for homosexuals be raided? Premarital sex used to be purely detested by the populace. If it can non be stopped any longer. why so should governments take so much attempt in maintaining homophiles from basking what straight work forces and adult females bask outside marriage. Why would governments non arrest straight persons for prenuptial sex. which is immorality in Christian norms. and arrest homophiles for the same discourtesy?



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