Horizon Foods Corporation Essay

August 13, 2017 Accounting

1. What are the features of the market served by the Horizon Foods Corporation?
Poor Delivery. high cost of transporting crate. little measure. high stocks. and high competition. Horizon’s merchandise lines have focused on cultural nutrient fortes including salad dressings. sauces for Italian pasta. and condiments such as forte pickles. Is a national company that provides nutrient merchandises. Customers in this market are in many topographic points. di?erent points ; they prepare repasts for little retail merchants who are demanding customized merchandises. customers’ demands little measures.

2. What jobs exist at the Horizon Foods Corporation?
Horizon have jobs with the distribution of merchandises. the sum of stock list control jobs in warehouses. the increasing demands of clients on merchandises. services. the costs of transit are high. co-ordinate issues within the company. besides they need a better communicating. Orders are by and large little. amounting to five to six instances per order. or about 150 to 200 lbs at a clip.

3. Why do you believe the jobs exist?
Selling and production sections are non lined. They need information on clip. Inventory of merchandises that require a particular petition of clients. the demands of the clients due to the fact that little sums of 5-6. transportation crate increase the cost of 150-200 lbs. negotiated warehouse is non adequate quality service as provided by other companies. the company’s finding of the sum of stock list in the structuring. planning and conveyance issues the contract warehouses elaboratenesss of merchandise measures. The two workss: one in the Central Valley of California at Fresno and the other in Illinois about 60 stat mis south of Chicago. the conveyance between are disbursals excessively.

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4. What would you propose the undertaking force recommend in order to derive “control over this merchandise motion process” ?
The alterations required to derive control over the supply concatenation. Horizon need a better degree of communicating system. They need to maintain an oculus and to implement new systems that would assist in these countries: Business disposal. accounting systems.


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