Houston Police Internship Essay

By July 26, 2017 General Studies

1. While at my hpd internship I was asked to make multiple undertaking such as deliver mail. direct out bundles. form and register paperss harmonizing to day of the month and clip. behavior background cheque. record information. behavior surveillance managing grounds. assisting organize assorted events. file instance files. facsimile subpoenas. and ictuss My internship Daily responsibilities largely consisted of assisting the agents and working in the mail room. I learned how to manage different duties such as presenting mail and directing out bundles. In the mail room I besides learned how to register unfastened instances and how they disposes of closed instance files from old old ages that are no longer needed. Besides I helped reorganise the current files to do infinite for approaching future instance files. Sometimes my responsibilities were to carry on background cheques.

I was given the undertaking to turn up the most recent information on topics to whom which agents are making research on. There was certain type of information that the agents wanted me to enter so that it would assist them farther there probe. At times I would assist agents set subpoenas together for certain instances. They would so come in the subpoenas into the computing machine so that they could be on file. Once the information was entered into the computing machine I so proceeded to facsimile each separate subpoena to its finish. Faxing the subpoena is merely the same as if the officer was functioning it personally. Once faxed and confirmed the subpoena so becomes official. Once I was done facsimiling the subpoenas I so had to corroborate the day of the month and clip and record it so that it can go on file for future mention.

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2. While at my intern I was asked to make multiple undertaking such as deliver mail. form and register paperss harmonizing to day of the month and clip. behavior background cheques and record information. behavior surveillance and note any leery activity. These are undertaking I did on a day-to-day bases.

3. All undertakings I was asked to make I completed because my houseman was from 9:00am-5:30pm which gave me plentifulness of clip to complete undertaking and get down new 1s. Each twenty-four hours I arrived to work I would wait for which of all time group I would be working in that peculiar twenty-four hours to delegate me a undertaking. Usually it would be something simple that wouldn’t take much clip. I would be done with most undertakings by tiffin clip.

4. I feel I left my intern with an highly good repute. I know that it will assist me when I begin to use for multiple bureaus. Everybody within hpd was really appreciative of the aid I provide and noted that if I needed any referrals in the hereafter to reach them.

5. The one web beginning I developed at hpd whom was from my hometown. Prior to hpd he was a police officer ( Birmingham. AL ) and referred me to people whom he thought could assist me acquire started on going a police officer. He said it was a great start for him and if I truly wanted to get down there he would utilize all his connexions to acquire me a occupation so that I could get down deriving experience.

6. I learned a batch of things from holding my Internship. I learned that it’s a great calling to hold but in order to be successful you have to set in a batch of clip and dedication. I had the chance to sit down and speak to the hpd Recruiter. He provided me with a batch of great information on how to successfully go a police officer. He informed me on all the possible options I could take in order to make my end and addition experience. He mentioned such things such as fall ining the military. using at a local constabulary dept. . and/or fall ining boundary line patrol. He even mentioned that I should see traveling back to school to obtain my Master’s Degree which would set my in front of all the other hpd appliers. With the information he provided me I learned that there are many chances within the hpd. I feel with my difficult work and finding I could make my end.

7. Honestly everything I did was educational. Nothing more could hold been clip to do my clip at that place more educational. I was taught new things on a day-to-day bases and learned things I feel can’t be taught at any college or university. I learned so many thing that most people would non been able to. I worked in an environment that so few are allowed to work in. I had the opportunity to to go to a meeting that was attended by functionaries from different bureaus and organisations. This meeting was to present new processs such as drug testing and bar at work and school. Besides being introduced at the meeting to the functionaries were assorted new drugs that were get downing to go popular among childs and grownups such as man-made marihuana and bath salts. I besides had the chance to go to the Tactical Training Exercise. This preparation exercising was besides really educational. It was held at the Houston Police Dept. Training Headquarters.

These are developing exercisings that that they go through on a monthly footing. They are showed different techniques on how to come in and clear suites. Theses preparation exercisings are done to maintain the agents current with all the different types of state of affairss they may meet when come ining a place during an operation. Today I had the chance to be able to see an operation conducted by local bureaus. Once the location was safe and unafraid agents so were able to carry on their probe. While the probe was taking topographic point be federal agents. local jurisprudence enforcement conducted background cheques on all persons whom were indoors the location making the clip of the hunt warrant. Once the agents finished their probes and interviews they so loaded all grounds so that it could be processed. All the persons inside were either release or arrested based on their background cheque.

9. My houseman was a great experience and I can non remember a twenty-four hours to where I did non desire to be at that place. I was fortunate plenty to obtain this internship and hope that I will profit from in after I graduate. I wish in the close hereafter that more pupils will hold the same chance I’ve had so that they can besides larn and educate themselves on the potencies of what holding a calling with the Houston Police Dept.


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