How does Moliere use irony as a tool of satire in Tartuffe? Essay

October 21, 2017 March 26th, 2018 General Studies

Satire is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a “literary work keeping up human frailties and follies to roast or contemn. ” Aside from this definition. sarcasm can besides be described as a peculiar literary manner to perchance better humanity and the society. In Tartuffe. Moliere animadversions and ridicules the human behaviour and characteristics. though Moliere did these to develop his characters’ mistakes instead than destructing them.

In a peculiar scene on the drama. Moliere uses sarcasm to satirise the character of Tartuffe. The drama utilizes dramatic sarcasm through Damis or Orgon hiding inside a cupboard or under the tabular array while Elmire is holding a conversation with Tartuffe. There are two cases of this sarcasm. The first 1 was when Damis was concealing in a cupboard. Through this. Moliere gives the audience a glance of the true character of Tartuffe.

In Act II: Scene 3 of the drama. while Damis was concealing. Tartuffe said “Though pious. I am none the less a man” . Besides in this scene. the audience can clearly see that Tartuffe is hassling Elmire. The 2nd case of dramatic sarcasm that to the full exposed Tartuffe’s mask and unveiled his true character was during the 4th act when Orgon was concealing under the tabular array while Tartuffe and Elmire were holding a conversation.

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Believing that merely the two of them was in the house. Tartuffe asked Elmire to be his “pupil” and he will learn him on how to suppress vacillation. Through this scene. the audience yet once more witnesses the lip service of Tartuffe. Through the usage of dramatic sarcasm. Moliere shows the audience that we can non ever trust our determinations on everything based on what we merely see. Moliere besides depicts in his work Tartuffe that it is possible that person we know is a complete different individual than what he appears to be.


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