How does Steinbeck present the relationship between George and Lennie?

By July 19, 2017 General Studies

George and lennie’s relationship is unusual from the remainder. as they both have each other. while the remainder of the raanch workers are entirely. They say “we travel around together” which shows that they ever have each others side. The remainder of the ranch workers fidn their frienship truly eldritch. because they have ne’er experienced it themselves. I think that Steinbeck is seeking to demo that relationships were difficult to construct back in the 1930. hence at that place werent’ many about.

Lennie says “i got you and you got me. ” which suggests that lennie is extrememly happy in holding a friend. Possibly it’s because Lennie excessively hasn’t of all time experienced friendly relationship before.

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Finally. Carlson says “wha the snake pit ya suppose is eatin them guys” which suggest thats he’ll ne’er undertsand what friendly relationship is. as he’s ne’er experienced it before. and possibly won’t of all time experience it of all time in the hereafter.

George was Lennie’s merely hope. he relied to the full on him and expected him to state him all the instructions.

Steinbeck could be demoing that relatiosnhips don’t last everlastingly. as George killed lennie in the terminal. Possibly people knew this hence why they didn’t seek to construct relationships because they knew what the result would be like. There’s more hurting in knowing and lovingness for person so killing them. than merely killing person without cognizing them. Carlson doesn’t undertand this hurting. and merely continues killing. In the terminal George is left entirely. he’s given up hope on the American dream. However Slim does acquire shut to George which shows it’s no the terminal. but the beginning of a new life and friendhsip. possibly Slim will understand George better than Lennie as we found out during the midle of the novel. he has a better compatibility with him.


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