How Does the Film ‘Lord of Flies’ Relate to Social Justice?

April 12, 2017 General Studies

How does the film ‘Lord of the Flies’ relate to Social Justice? Lord of the Flies was firstly produced as a book, first published in 1954 by English writer William Golding. The film is set during World War Two and is about a group of school children who crash on a deserted island. The film tells the story of how the group of school children cope on the island. Lord of the Flies has two main characters in the story, Ralph and Jack. There is no adults control on the island.

And the closest children on the island who fit the criteria of being an adult are Ralph and Jack. They are both big physically and they are seen as the only two boys on the island close enough to be thought of as an adult. Ralph is the protagonist of the film. Ralph is chosen leader of the group first of all when the boys first arrive at the island. Ralph is chosen fairly as the boys voted for him as leader. Ralph introduces the boys to a conch; the conch is used as a device to let everyone speak. Another important character in the story is Piggy.

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Ralph makes friends with Piggy during the start of the story. Like Ralph, Piggy is very mature for he’s age however Piggy is seen as weak because of he’s glasses and obesity. Ralph and Piggy join forces and try to get rescued. Meanwhile, Jack does not care about being rescued and soon the other boys agree by making Jack leader instead of Ralph. Jack takes all the boys hunting animals, firstly for food but then for fun. The boys see Jack as protecting because of he’s size and because he is stronger than any other boy on the island.

Jack takes full control of the island with almost every boy on he’s side. Even though Ralph has better intensions than Jack, the boys abandon Ralph. As Jack takes control the boys become more aggressive. Under Jack’s leadership, the children start hunting and killing animals to eat and for fun, although Ralph clearly states that this is not necessary because there is fruit on the island. Because of all the hunting that takes place the children’s behaviour soon gets out of control and they start being cruel to animals.

The aggression shown in the film increases over time which results in the murders of Piggy and Simon. In the end the island is totally destroyed because of the children making the wrong choice by accepting Jack as leader. The boys chase Ralph to try and kill him; just before they get to Ralph they are saved by a Navy Officer. The officer looks entertained thinking that the children are playing ‘war’ although the children are actually at war. The clear message of the film is that children need adult supervision as apart from Piggy and Ralph, children lack maturity.


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