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The literature offers multiple illustrations sing the failure of traditional insurance strategies to supply low-cost and comprehendible harvest insurance ( Vedenov, Barnett, 2004 ) . For this ground, in that paper, we have analyzed the development of a new fiscal instruments that permit the securitisation of conditions and calamity hazard and wipe out the restrictions of traditional insurance merchandises. The conditions derived functions and cat-linked securities are new instruments that determine the transportation of conditions and natural catastrophes risk to a state to international capital market. The involvement of single and institutional investors for these securities is high because of the low correlativity with other fiscal instruments. The development of conditions hazard market is of import for husbandmans and companies from developing states but besides for investors from developed states that can diversificate their portfolios.

Cardinal words: conditions, natural catastrophe, agribusiness, hazard, direction

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The participants on the agricultural markets can confront multiple hazards like monetary value hazard, conditions hazard, natural catastrophes risk etc. The monetary value hazard may be hedged in different ways through specific clauses of the commercial contract or through fiscal schemes based on hereafters and options contract traded on stock and trade good exchanges. The offer of exchanges is big and many agricultural merchandises are traded on topographic point and derived functions markets. In fact, the first trade good traded on exchanges was an agricultural merchandise – the grain at Chicago Boar of Trade in 1865. The features of agricultural merchandises have made its suited trade goods listed on exchanges. So, trade goods like java, cotton, gum elastic, chocolate, murphies, palm oil, soya beans, frozen orange juice, meat, corn and wheat are traded on exchanges like Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Euronext. In fact, the agricultural merchandises no do non utilize straight the derivative contracts in order to fudge the monetary value hazard because they do non hold the full expertness to merchandise, administer and supervise these fudging schemes. For this ground, in many states, there are established public or private establishments that offer support services for agricultural commercialisation ( for illustration, in Mexico, a cotton monetary value support strategy is available through a public establishment ) .

In add-on, in some states, the public governments are extremely implicated in order to fudge the losingss registered by husbandmans by conditions and calamity events. For illustration, harmonizing with information provided by the World Bank, in Morocco, a authorities sponsored-agricultural insurance plan was launched in 1995 because this state must get by with the clime alteration and in India, conditions index insurance programmes are available.

The conditions and natural catastrophe hazard direction

and international establishments

The dramatic clime alteration and natural catastrophes cause of import homo and economic losingss. Harmonizing with Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2008 published by Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters ( CRED ) , the figures for the twelvemonth 2008 are:

354 natural catastrophes were recorded ;

over 235000 people were killed,

214 million of people were affected and

the economic cost was over $ 190 bn ( CRED, 2008 ) .

In the twelvemonth 2008, the most of import events were: the temblor and terrible winter conditions in China, drouths in Asia, Africa and terrible conditions conditions in USA.

The natural catastrophes recorded in the last old ages demonstrated the cardinal function of public governments in catastrophe hazard decrease and recovery and Reconstruction operations. For this ground, the World Bank has launched new hazard funding instrument named Development Policy Loan ( DPL ) with a Deferred Drawdown Option for Catastrophe hazards ( Cat DDO ) . This instrument is a aˆzfinancial span ” that can be use to pull off natural catastrophes until other fiscal beginnings are available for public governments. Some states like Costa Rica and Columbia have already obtain loans in order to back up their Catastrophe Risk Management Programme.

The conditions and natural catastrophes risk direction in agribusiness sector is really of import because many developing states depend to a big extend on agribusiness merchandises for exports and public gross ( Larson, Varangis, Yabuki 1998 ) . So, in many instances, the gross of the public governments are really sensitive to the motions of agricultural merchandises monetary values – Malagasy republic, Ethiopia and Uganda ( java ) , Burkina Faso, Mali and Sudan ( cotton ) , Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana ( chocolate ) , and Guyana ( sugar ) .

In add-on, the authorities are concerned with nutrient security and natural catastrophes and dramatic clime alteration can do of import losingss in economic system and can impact the national security. The clime alteration determines new challenges: the predictability of conditions will be cut down, the frequence and the strength of terrible conditions events like hurricane, cyclones, inundations, drouths will increase. ( FAO, 2009 )

aˆzDeveloping states, and peculiarly the poorest people in these states, are the most vulnerable to the inauspicious impacts of clime variableness and ongoing and jutting clime alteration. Their economic systems depend to a great extent on climate-sensitive sectors such as agribusiness, forestry, piscaries, a dependable H2O supply, and other natural resources. They are by and large hindered by limited human capacity and limited entree to engineering and capital to put in hazard reductionaˆ¦ Thus it is imperative that clime alteration version is non separated from other precedences but is integrated into development planning, plans and undertakings. ” ( World Bank, 2008 ) .

At international degree, there are available plans for conditions hazard direction designed by different establishments like the World Bank. These weather hazard direction contracts are tailored to the state ‘s demands, taking in history some variables like: the type of conditions hazard, the chance to happen, the estimated loss determined by the event, the degree of protection. These plans are available merely for low and in-between income states and the World Bank act as an intermediary, that has the expertness in transacting derived functions to fudge the conditions hazard in different sector like touristry, agribusiness or energy production. In fact, these plans have two purposes: to fudge the conditions hazard and to construct the national capacity for future minutess between private companies or public governments and fiscal establishments from international market.

The conditions hazard direction instruments are fiscal contracts that paid compensations to an entity that is affected by the volatility of conditions in exchange of for a premium paid at the decision of the contract. The “ deathless plus ” of these contracts is a conditions index based on variables like temperature, rainfall, snowfall, air current etc.

In 2008, the World Bank has signed the first contract of conditions hazard direction with public governments from Malawi in order to offer fiscal support for battle against the impact of terrible drouth. In Malawi, the effects of drouth are dramatic non merely for husbandmans and rural population but besides for public governments because the cut of husbandmans ‘ incomes determine the lessening of revenue enhancements paid to authorities ‘s budget. So, the involvement of public governments for the job of drouth has many determiners: societal, fiscal and political. “ We see the Malawi contract as a natural complement to our work to assist states entree market-based tools for pull offing a scope of hazards, including involvement rate, currency, trade good and weather-related hazards, ” said Gloria Grandolini, Director of the World Bank Treasury ‘s Banking and Debt Management Department.

The contract is designed as a put option on a rainfall index. Because in Malawi, the chief beginning of nutrient, for an of import portion of population, is the corn, this rainfall index was created in such manner to associate rainfall and maize production. If the corn production falls to 10 % holla of the historical norm, Malawi will have a maximal payment of $ 5 mil from the hazard taker – the insurance company Swiss Re.

This minutess is really of import because was the first conditions hazard fudging dealing signed by the World Bank and in Malawi, the drouth hazard has dramatic deductions ( about 90 % of the population lives in rural countries and the weight of agribusiness in GDP is about 40 % ) . This dealing was assisted by other establishments like the UK Department of International Development that provide fiscal support for Malawi in order to pay the premium for the option contract.

So, the public governments are responsible for the design and publicity of catastrophes risk decrease policy, but they are sustained international organisations. Besides the World Bank, we remark the support offer by World Food Program of the United State in order to strength the authoritiess capacity in catastrophe readiness and response. ( WFP, 2009 ) . The WFP`s hazard decrease work is done because the clime alteration affect the nutrient system from the developing states and the frequence of these natural catastrophe is increasing due to the clime alteration.

The conditions derivatives – new merchandises

of OTC markets or exchanges

The conditions is a cardinal factor that has multiple effects on national and international economic system. For this ground, on the OTC market, since 1996, companies from weather sensitive Fieldss mark contracts in order to fudge the conditions hazard. The involvement of companies from agribusiness, buildings, public-service corporations, touristry or retail for conditions hazard fudging schemes determine the exchanges to establish conditions derived functions and in this manner we assist to the securitisation of conditions hazard ( OCDE, 2009 ) .

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the universe ‘s largest and most diverse fiscal exchange, launches the conditions exchange traded derived functions in 1999. Now, there are available many derived functions contracts based on upwind conditions like temperature, snowfall and hoar in more than 47 locations from USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. All these upwind derived functions contracts have as implicit in plus an index of temperature or snowfall or rainfall ; and the indexes are widely available and objectively measured. The most traded type of contracts is temperature-based contract.

The conditions derived functions have been designed and chiefly developed in USA for energy companies in order to fudge the clime hazard. In present, these derived functions are in competition with traditional insurance policies ( the policies that insurance a harvest against one or multiple weather hazard and the policies that insure the firm` agricultural production against multiple hazards – MPCI ) . The traditional insurance policies have some drawbacks taking in history the undermentioned considerations:

the husbandman must show there is an insurable involvement associated with an physical plus or concern ;

the multi-peril policies cover a standardised bundle of hazards and a husbandman could be interested merely in some specific hazards ;

the appraisal of the loss is non nonsubjective because it is done by the insurance company ;

the rating of the loss generates the addition of the insurance direction cost ;

the insurance policies seldom cover the temperature hazard ( Zara, 2007 ) .

For these grounds, the involvement of husbandmans for conditions derived functions has increased. In add-on, the payment of conditions derived functions depend the development of the conditions index that is calculated utilizing meteoric informations and it is non estimated by the company that must pay the amendss.

Calamity linked securities

Calamity linked securities ( CAT linked securities ) are fiscal instruments used to reassign the calamity hazard to capital market, so, through these instrument, the calamity hazard is securitized.

The development of this market was sinuate. The first cat-linked securities are considered to be calamity hereafters and options contracts launched by the Chicago Board of Trade in 1992. These contracts had as implicit in plus an index provided by the Insurance Service Office. That index “ is the dollar loss on $ 25,000 of calamity premiums from a representative national pool of calamity policies ” . The market of these derived functions had no liquidness and the involvement of investors and equivocators was low, so these contracts were traded for a little period of clip.

Another of import instrument usage to fudge the calamity hazard is calamity or cat bonds. Insurance companies use these securities as an option to traditional calamity reinsurance. The firs dealing humor cat bonds take topographic point in the mid 1990s and the marker developed because the investors are really interested to purchase these securities` return that has low correlativity with other fiscal instruments. The figures published demonstrated this fact: in 2009, there were 18 issues of cat bonds and the hazard capital raised was $ 3.4bn, and a 25 % increased being registered from 2008.

In 2006, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange decided to establish hurricane hereafters and options based on the Carvill Hurricane Index ( CHI ) . The Carvill Company that is an of import independent reinsurance intermediary calculates this index. This index is calculated on the base of some parametric quantity of hurricanes ( speed and size of the official storm ) Using publically available informations from the National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service.


The hazard direction instruments presented in this documents can be used by companies and governments from developed and developing states in order to cut down the economic exposure to endure events and natural catastrophe. The job of economic exposure is much more of import for developing states taking in history the undermentioned considerations:

many developing states rely on agribusiness and agribusiness depends to a great extent on conditions conditions and natural factors ;

in some instances, a state can be “ identified ” by a individual agribusiness merchandise, so the conditions and natural catastrophes risk affects strongly the micro and macro economic indexs ;

the conditions events and natural catastrophes affect manfully the development states because these states are located in high hazard parts ( Asia, Africa and Latin America ) ; because of that, harmonizing with some specializer ( Varangis, Skees, Barnett, 2002 ) , the losingss determined by natural catastrophe are 20 % greater than in developed states, as part of GDP ;

the conditions can non be controlled, so weather and natural catastrophes risk direction is really of import for developing states taking in history the relation between upwind events/natural catastrophes and poorness ;

in these counties, there are no government-subsidized agribusiness insurance programmes.

Harmonizing with these considerations, we can detect that these developing states, that are extremely dependent on agribusiness and extremely sensitive to endure and natural catastrophes hazard, are growing markets for conditions hazard instruments. Through the conditions hazard markets, the systemic hazard could be transferred outside of the local country. In this manner, new good partnership are set up between the developing states and single and institutional investors from developed states. The involvement of these investors for conditions hazard instruments is high because these fiscal merchandises are mostly uncorrelated with other securities.



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