How Far Have We Come Since Malcolm

June 5, 2018 Media

Ten And King? Essay, Research Paper

Racism is a job that the American people have grappled with since colonial times. The 1960 s saw the rise of Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X, who non merely influenced the civil rights motion but attempted to work out the job of racism in this state. On February 16, 1965, Malcolm X gave a address called Not Just An American Problem, but a World Problem. In his address he provides a theory on the relationship between media and racism called image devising which still has cogency today. On first reading, Malcolm s tone is angry and his theory on image doing sounds absurd. He states: They ( racialists ) use the imperativeness to acquire public sentiment on their side. . . this is a scientific discipline called image devising. they hold you in cheque through this scientific discipline of imagination. They even make you look down upon yourself, by giving you a bad image of yourself. Some of our ain Black people who have eaten this image themselves and digested it & # 8212 ; until they themselves don t want to populate in the Black community. Yet, current telecasting scheduling seems to prefer this thought. Local intelligence plans continue to demo coloured communities as unsafe and gang-infested. They continually rely on the studies of these countries for the majority of their intelligence and overlook the positive images that occupants of these countries try to make. For illustration, KNTV intelligence continually studies on the larcenies and shots in East San Jose but does non do an attempt to demo how occupants are covering with these state of affairss. The twenty-four hours a local East San Jose church helped rock the metropolis council to set a street lamp on a really busy intersection, the intelligence pre-empted the study with an accident on another East San Jose intersection. As a consequence, most people in these communities do non recognize that they have power to alter their country and have a great desire to travel out of these countries. They have become captives who have bought into the image of East San Jose. Yet, local intelligence plans are non the lone 1s to fault for image devising ; docudramas have played a portion in the negative images of inkinesss. Malcolm X makes the claim that the negative image of communities in America are merely a little portion of the image devising procedure. The docudrama movie has done the same for their African fatherland. He states: They ( the imperativeness ) projected Africa in a negative image, a hateful image. They made us believe that Africa was a land of jungles, a land of animate beings, a land of man-eaters and barbarians. It was a hateful image. Current docudramas of Africa are still about their jungles and their folks. Although they do non hold a racialist tone, the thought that African people are still barbarian continues. The consequence is: Black people here in America who hated everything about us that was African. . . it was you who taught us to detest ourselves merely by astutely mane

uvering us into detesting the land of our sires and the people on that continent.

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These movies do hold an influence on today s society. From watching today s black Television, the histrions on these shows make merriment of these images. Recently, Martin Lawrence made merriment of one of his friends ; naming him a spear-thrower on his hit Television show. The larger job that Malcolm X did non discourse in his address is the consequence of the image devising. The effectivity of today s media on immature heads is great. Merely several old ages have passed since the debut of a Black Barbie doll. The great action heroes are non colored but are white ; merely their buddies are colored, e.g. , Lone Ranger and Tonto. Consequently, the serious Black histrion is a cherished trade good. It is the Black comic who is more recognized in today s society because they are able to express joy about the negative black images. The white adult male, as Malcolm Ten might hold, would prefer the comic over the serious histrion because white work forces do non desire to be reminded about their offense. The comedian frequently supports the negative black images that the media has created: big lips, big natess, the felon and the slave. Eddie Murphy is celebrated for his Mister Robinson character on Saturday Night Live. Robinson is a parody on Mister Rogers ; nevertheless, Robinson is a condemnable. The image of the black adult male as a stealer continues. Television is non all to fault. The media has made many attempts to make a more positive image of Black America. There is a overseas telegram station, BET, targeted at black scheduling. The commercials shown on the station characteristic black histrions instead than the white histrions on the big web Stationss. Black Television has been introduced to mainstream Television. Most plans are hideous, such as Homeboys in Outer Space, which shows how the media favors the black comic. However, the debut into web Television provides an unfastened door for more quality scheduling and more positive images in the hereafter. Malcolm X concludes his address by saying, & # 8230 ; do the universe see that our job was no longer a Negro job or an American job but a human job. A job for humanity. And a job which should be attacked by all elements of humanity. America has come a long manner from its yearss of bondage and segregation. Malcolm was right. Americans must assail this job as a hate issue and non a race issue. But we must halt faulting each other for this job. We live in a media dominant universe. The proprietors of today s media pudding stones are white males, who act upon what is being shown on their webs, magazines, movies, etc. It is clip that America takes control of what influences their society and take responsiblity for making more positive images of humanity. Endnotes Not Just An American Problem, But A World Problem, Humanities 2B Reader, Spring 1996, p.79-83.


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