How Harry Potter Changed My Life Essay Sample

August 16, 2017 General Studies

Ever since I foremost began to read. books have ever been a major influence in my life. My childhood was full of many memories of reading many fantastic books. I remember passing hours upon hours traveling from shelf to shelf. looking for new books. The library became about like a hoarded wealth Hunt. seeking every row and every book before detecting merely the right book to read. The most exciting portion was when I would come across a new book that I could plunge myself into and conceive of all the possible escapades I could hold. The library became a safe oasis. a topographic point where I could get away the outside universe and the problems it brought. and leap into many great books where happy terminations are endless. As I grew up. my longing and passion for books bit by bit turned into a lost joy. The exhilaration I got from traveling to the library was no longer present ; the felicity I received from sequestering myself from the universe in my room. disbursement hours of clip reading. was gone. All to be blamed by one little measure in my life: in-between school.

So when. in 9th class. a group of schoolmates longed for me to read a book called Harry Potter. I was a small disbelieving and funny as to what it was and why they wanted me to read it. Since my compulsion for books was reasonably much gone. I was a small hesitant and it took me a piece to really pick up the first book. After long arguments and treatments of how intriguing the books were with my schoolmates. I eventually decided to try to read this peculiarly long series. Even though I had non read a book for amusement in a really long clip. and I knew it was traveling to be a challenge to complete even the first book. When I really did pick up the first book. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was wholly shocked at how easy it caught my attending and how effortless it was to plunge myself into the narrative. I was peculiarly funny about how much I was basking these children’s book even at the age of 13. Through all seven books and more than 4100 pages. the Harry Potter series changed my life drastically. It taught me many life lessons and gave me back the passion and worship of books I had as a kid. Along with the fact that the Harry Potter series successfully gave me back my love for books. the books besides out of the blue gave me an astonishing and supportive group of friends that I could associate to.

Middle school was a unsmooth clip for me. From new instructors to a wholly new school. non to advert the many jobs at place. in-between school was non a really delicious experience for me. Traveling through in-between school I had the usual. “casual” friends. but I seldom had any friends I could truly speak and laugh with. Harry Potter changed all of this. opening a whole new universe for me. I found people around me and in my category that I ne’er truly talked to. but who were a batch like me. diffident and secluded yet amusing and inventive. Through something highly little and undistinguished such as a book series. I found many new astonishing friends that without them I’m non certain where I would be. Along with the ways Harry Potter changed me in my societal life. the books besides changed my personal life by learning many life lessons. There are non many books I’ve read that have genuinely impacted my life by learning me critical life lessons in the manner that Harry Potter did. There are many lessons one can larn inside the fantastic universe of Harry Potter. Through her fantastic characters and adventuresome secret plan. J. K. Rowling has smartly and affectively placed meaningful lessons throughout the full series anyone can larn. For me. it was hard non to acquire anything from the books. They were so elaborate and appealing ; doing me wants to maintain reading and ne’er put it down.

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I have learned many life lessons from reading the Harry Potter series that candidly changed my mentality on life and impacted me personally. The first 1 is the fact that life is a journey. non merely the finish. This is one of my favourite life lessons I’ve learned from Harry Potter. particularly since I am now a senior in high school and clip seems to be rapidly running out of my custodies. Through both middle and high school. I have had many unsmooth and rough roads I’ve had to travel down. Through Harry Potter. I have begun to understand that the many experiences we go through. whether good or bad. are the 1s that mold and determine us to the people we become. I have now learned non to desire clip to go through. but alternatively hoarded wealth every minute God has given me. The 2nd lesson I learned that perfectly changed my life was the fact that you don’t need much in order to populate a happy. reliable. and rich life. Throughout the series. Harry merely has two true friends. Ron and Hermione. and infinite enemies. Besides. Ron and Hermione stuck beside Harry through all the distressing times. and were ever at that place for support and company.

I have learned through Harry Potter that I don’t need to be popular or have many friends in order to be happy. With the smattering of friends that Harry Potter has introduced me to. I have a group of really supportive and loyal true friends. From re-introducing me to my love of reading. presenting me to new friends. and learning critical and valuable life lessons. Harry Potter has done some immense and dramatic things in my life ; I can’t image my life without Harry Potter. I’m non certain what my life would be like without the series. but I’m sure it would be dull and dejecting. I might non hold the same friends I have now. or I might non be rather the same individual with the same personality as I have now. You may non believe that merely 7 books could alter someone’s life in such a manner. but it genuinely has for me. Ann Quindlen wholly captures all the emotion and experiencing about Harry Potter. and how it has impacted me in such a immense manner. in merely two sentences. stating. “In books I have traveled. non merely to other universes. but into my ain. I learned who I was and who I wanted to be. what I might draw a bead on to. and what I might make bold to woolgather about my universe and myself. ”

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