How is the concept of the physical journey?

August 8, 2017 General Studies

A physical journey consists of the motion from one topographic point to another. whereby the person undergoes a procedure of alteration and development. becomes endowed with experiences. ends are achieved climaxing in an overall transmutation. Journeys frequently contain elements such as a deficiency of pick. uncertainness. danger. and obstructions. Such journeys are explored in Peter Skrzynecki’s poems Immigrants at Central station and ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ . Alan Moir’s political sketch MV Cormo Express ( SMH 28/10/03 ) . about the isolated sheep in the center of the ocean. and besides the bookcover for Victor Kelleher’s Ivory Trail.

Frequently journeys have an component of a deficiency of pick. In ‘Immigrants at Central station’ . Skrzynecki uses simile to depict their restricted freedom composing. ‘like a word of command’ . There is a sense of sarcasm here. that holding escaped their oppressive fatherland. their finish still limits their freedom. They are forced to digest hapless conditions conditions. but however digest it as shown by ‘but we ate it all’ . The train paths are besides symbolic of this deficiency of pick. They are set on one class. one finish. and can non divert from their journey. ‘Crossing the Red Sea besides describes their feelings of non being in control. ‘Neither Masterss nor slave’ . While their freedom has non been physically restricted. like in the war. they are still being commanded by external organic structures. such as the Australian Government. Similarly in ‘MV Cormo Express’ . the sheep are of a journey of the unwilling. Their destiny has been decided by external organic structures.

One sheep says ‘Some say Eritrean fields… . ’ This is besides implicative that they are non in control and that they must accept their determined destiny. The ship is besides surrounded by a huge sweep of H2O. so there is no flight and they must travel where the ship takes them. The immigrants must travel where the train takes them. ‘Time ran in front along paths of glittering steel’ suggests that their hereafter lies on this way and there is no alternate. While the immigrants chose to travel on this journey. to Australia. it seems that they have found themselves one time once more without the freedom to do their ain picks. However the sheep. most likely. did non take to travel on this journey that will stop in their deceases. In these texts the journey contains a limitation ion their freedom to make up one’s mind their hereafter.

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There is besides an uncertainness of the hereafter in many journeys. In ‘MV Cormo Express’ the sheep say ‘Some say Eritrean Fieldss. some say the abattoir. some say Wentworth to hike subdivision numbers’ . These rumors show the deficiency of information sing their destiny that the sheep. and so the general populace. have about their intended destiny. Truncated sentences besides reflect this uncertainness and restlessness. Moir uses monochromatic colorss to convey the overall negative ambiance. Black and white is symbolic of their bleak hereafters. The sketch is besides null of any land mass. which suggests that they’re finish and destiny is yet to be decided. Moir uses sarcasm. with the ship boldly bearing the word ‘Express’ that farther accents their predicament “like cowss left for slaughter. uses simile to convey their sense of forsaking and pretermit the migrators experience in this new land. The sheep besides experience this forsaking and are left with small cognition or hope. . This is a contemplation to the authorities bureaucratism. which can besides be seen in Skrzynecki’s verse form where the immigrants feel that the authorities has left them entirely. and that the subjugation they had sought to get away was waiting for them in Australia.

‘The Ivory Trail’ besides conveys the message about the uncertainness of the hereafter. The bookcover uses shadows. which are implicative of privacy and ‘the unknown’ . Darkness represent a deficiency of understanding and cognition. whereas the light dramatis personae upon the Sphinx suggests ht opposite which we therefore perceive to be all-knowing. This contrast represents the struggle between truth and what is hidden. The Sphinx alludes to the fable of ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx’ . which suggests that here. there will besides be a disclosure. and an denudation of truth. The shadows appear to infringe upon the chief focal points of the bookcover.

It suggests that this will be a journey of find. that is. to bring out what has been hidden. The image is besides pixilated ; proposing that nil is clear and defined. At the top of the text is the statement. ‘Not all journeys have an ending’ . Interestingly ‘ending’ is in the darkest portion of the shadow. proposing that the decision of journey is ill-defined. if at all there is one. The sand dunes besides reflect the cyclical. repeat of journeys. Therefore ‘The Ivory Trail besides refers to the uncertainness of journeys.

Journeies besides have an component of danger. in some ; danger is an built-in quality. The ruddy imagination in Skrzynecki’s verse form is apparent mentions to danger. In ‘Immigrants at Central Station’ he writes ‘the signal turned ruddy and dropped like a guillotine’ . this mention to decease and danger shows that although the immigrants have escaped the war. it still continues to torture them. with mundane happenings reminding them of bloodshed. In ‘Crossing the ruddy Sea’ . there are legion mentions to red. ‘Blood leaves similar dark discolorations when it runs for a long time’ . here the immigrants realise that the memories of bloodshed will stalk them everlastingly. In ‘The Ivory trail’ . the text is dominated by vivacious reds. The coloring material red non merely symbolises danger. but it serves as a warning.

This generates suspense and machination. and besides prepares the reader for what is to be expected in the inventive journey they are about to travel on. The violet coloring material is synonymous with enigma. and the sense of danger is heightened by this enigma ‘Immigrants at cardinal station’ refers to them experiencing ‘like cowss left for slaughter’ . This besides has intensions with decease. It is dry that holding escaped the ‘slaughter’ in WWII. that they feel like this in the ‘Promised Land’ . Slaughter has a direct mention to ‘MV Cormo Express’ . where the sheep know that they are to be killed at the terminal of their journey.

There is besides a danger in losing hope. . Journeies need hope. in order for ends to be achieved and for a journey to be good to the person. In ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ Skrzynecki’s negotiations of the importance of hope composing ‘ had we talked of decease possibly something more than clip would hold been lost’ . The old quotation mark has a grave tone. and we. the respondents. about experience the despondence in his words. He writes of ‘a blood rimmed horizon’ . which remarks of the ambivalency they are sing. The skyline is a symbol of hope. but in being ‘blood rimmed’ . there is some unhappiness mingled with their felicity. But despite their hereafter holding leftovers of the yesteryear. they realise that they must non lose hope. In ‘MV Cormo Express’ there are heavy. baleful. predicting smoke rings emanating from the sheep proposing a loss of hope. Hope is the motive that keeps an person and their journey so that they may accomplish desired results.

Obstacles are besides synonymous with journeys and serve as a trial for the individual’s decide to finish their journey. There is no simple journey and Skrzynecki writes of ‘storms and exiles’ . The immigrants see both physical and emotional adversity. The reflecting musca volitanss from the ‘Ivory Trail’ are evocative of ‘the weaving road’ and suggest that a journey is non straightforward. The important usage of diagonal lines shows that this journey deviates from the norm. and that is non a simple one.

Through the employment of a assortment of techniques. Scrzynecki and Moir have explored the construct of the physical journey. As the Taoists say ‘The journey is the reward’ .


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