How Is the Power of Dreams and Dreaming in the Novel of Mice and Men Essay

July 29, 2018 General Studies

The thought of traveling from one topographic point to another. working difficult and seeking to raise the quality of life for you and your loved 1s is known as ‘The American Dream’ . Steinbeck invites us to understand how holding this dream keeps them traveling despite the ambitious life that each character faces. Throughout the novel. Steinbeck makes this ‘dream’ the chief focal point of the narrative for both the reader and characters. George’s dream is to hold independency and to “go into town and acquire whatever I want” but most significantly he dreams of being “somebody” . On the other manus. Lennie aspires to be with George and to “tend the rabbits” .

Ultimately. George and Lennie both wanted to “have a small house and twosome of estates an’ a cow and some pigs” nevertheless. George merely tells Lennie about their dream to soothe Lennie. This is shown when Lennie says “No… You state it. It ain’t the same if I tell it. Travel on… George. How do I acquire to be given the coneies. ” It is merely after they all realised that together. “this thing they ne’er believed in was coming true” Even though the dream is really of import to George every bit good. Steinbeck portrays Lennie as person who wants the dream a batch more.

This is shown through Lennie’s angry or disquieted feelings when he feels like he has done something that would endanger their dream. George uses this to his advantage to endanger and command Lennie by blackjacking him. “If you do. I won’t allow you be given the coneies. ” Consequently. Lennie tries to delight George and to derive his blessing every bit much as possible. Another manner in which Steinbeck shows the power of dreams and woolgathering in the novel is through how much they want it. Steinbeck portrays each character’s despair through their life style. The dream that each character has reflects what is losing from their life.

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George and Crooks are both really despairing about this dream because they both want their current lives to be like their yesteryear. This is shown when. for a 2nd. George loses path of the present and says “we’d maintain a few pigeons to travel flyin’ around the win’mill like they done when I was a kid” which is mentioning back to his childhood. Similarly. Crooks wants to return to his yesteryear. “The white childs used to play at our topographic point. an’ sometimes I went to play with them. ” This shows that Crooks used to be good respected and equal within his community.

After all. Crooks “ain’t a southern negro” ; nevertheless. he is non treated good at the spread. hence. the dream provides comfort for Crooks. Although George wants to return to his childhood. there is a deeper significance to his dream. George wants to “just state the snake pit with goin’ to work” because unlike Candy. George doesn’t want to remain at the spread excessively long so he would acquire ‘canned’ . For George. the dream means that “nobody could can us” Furthermore. George doesn’t want to hold to maintain moving because he would “jus’ unrecorded there” and “belong at that place.

There wouldn’t be no more runnin’ round the state and gettin’ fed by a Jap cook. ” This suggests that he’ll be his ain foreman. A consequence of being a migrator worker. no 1 at the spread has any friends. which is why Crooks was surprised to hear that Lennie had George. For George and Lennie. the dream of holding their ain land provides a stable place that will finally derive them friends and household. On the other manus. Crooks is really pessimistic about the possibility of a dream going a world because he has been segregated in the spread for every bit long as he can retrieve.

His cynicism has led him to believe “It’s merely in their caput. They’re all the clip talkin’ about it. but it’s jus’ in their head” . This suggests that his past experiences have affected his power to dream. Steinbeck reinforces the power of woolgathering within the novel. as he shows every character’s reaction when they all realise that there is a possibility of George and Lennie’s dream going world. “They looked at each other. amazed. This thing they had ne’er truly believed in was coming true. Once they believed that the dream is a possibility. the tenseness is ramped up. Suddenly there is something to lose and something to contend for. This massively enhances the power that the dream has over each character and for a while the feeling of day of reckoning is lessened. The reader wants to cognize if each character can get away the expletive they seem to be under and make their ends. For Lennie and sugarcoat the dream would supply an exciting chance. as both characters are non deserving much in the existent universe. The dream would supply them a opportunity of grasp.

To Lennie. the dream is an counterpoison to letdown and solitariness. and he frequently asks George to declaim the description of the farm to him for comfort. Like a kid. he loved the hear George stating him to “tend the rabbits” correspondingly for Candy it would do him experience more of import as he can “cook and be given the poulets and hoe the garden some” Even though Curley’s Wife was the ground that the dream fell apart. she had large dreams to be in “pitchers” Unsatisfied by her ugly hubby. she invariably lurks around the barn. seeking to prosecute the workers in conversation.

However. although she may come across as really coquettish. she merely flirts with the work forces for attending. Which is what her dream would hold provided her if she didn’t marry Curley. Shes so lonely. and so desparate for the attending of the work forces at the spread that she even flirts with Lennie as she leans “closely” at him to “see if she was affecting him” To look in more item about how Steinbeck shows the power of the dreams. take each single character and how they all act to their dreams stoping.

For illustration. Steinbeck has made Curley really piercingly after the realization of his dreams stoping when Candy’s married woman is killed by Lennie. His resentment shows how much the dream meant to him and how he needed it because he is old and disabled so he will likely acquire ‘canned’ shortly. He shuffles out of the barn which that he has given up all hope. about given up on life.


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