How Language Can Change A Conventional Text English Literature Essay

October 4, 2017 English Literature

In todays universe, with the morning of the new information detonation epoch, it is of import to critically see any information, and organize an independent sentiment of it. The media through broadcast medium, televising, web and newspaper publication, is capable of commanding the thought and behavior of people. With the coming of the societal media and networking, it is possible for about everyone to print online and range amazing Numberss of audience worldwide. It is capable of raising and spreading tensenesss between states, destabilising states, doing revolutions and tumbling authoritiess. Hence, the media no longer serves the intent of merely informing them, it uses cleaver linguistic communication fast ones to pull strings them. Propaganda is a cleaver mix of linguistic communication and emotions that is subtly used by authoritiess universe over to act upon the elector ‘s behavior. The universe of advertisement can utilize catchy, crispy linguistic communication in the signifier of mottos to make a demand for a certain good in the consumer ‘s head, and do him pass merrily. These are merely few of the illustrations that illustrate the function of linguistic communication in communicating.

Harmonizing to the Oxford School Dictionary, linguistic communication is defined as any system of formalistic symbols, marks, sounds, gestures, or the similar, conceived as a agency of pass oning ideas and emotion. The values and beliefs of the author therefore, find the authorship technique that he uses. In other words, the manner, vocabulary, and construction adopted by the author, his opinion on what information to show, and to what deepness and item, what to jump or hide, are all determined by this motivations behind the authorship and the values that he upholds in life. The relationship between linguistic communication and values is one that can be rather startling sometimes! Besides uncovering the intent of authorship, a thorough analysis of the text reveals the background, character and values of the author. This is illustrated in the first piece of text provided in this assignment, which is a modern version of the age old fairy-tale of “ Red equitation goon ” . The linguistic communication used leads the reader to believe of Red Riding Hood as a really caput strong, chesty, sexist, who does non like anyone occupying her privateness, nor does she like taking aid from anyone, particularly work forces. She is fearless of the dangers of the wood, and surely feministic as she talks high of her grandma and favours the grandma even when she kills the adult male who came to deliver her.

The reader is lead to believe that the author ( anon. ) is a adult female with a really strong feministic position point who tries to enforce her values on her readers through her Hagiographas. The manner of composing indicates the author to be a modern-day author as she uses words such as “ sodium free bite ” and “ log-fuel technician ” . Her personality does non suit work forces, or likes being obliged to them. She is a really insecure individual who pretends to be really strong. Her sexist nature makes her short sighted, incapable of sing things for what they truly are. She lives in a privy universe that is far from world. These values of the author have clearly influenced the authorship of “ Red Riding Hood ” . With this text she tries to pull strings the head of the reader and leads them to believe like her.

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Writing can be manipulative ; the author can utilize linguistic communication in a manner that it makes the reader respond in a manner desired by the author. A Man of His Words – on framing by George Lakoff and AlterNet, describes how certain words and phrases as intentionally coined and used by people can act upon the reader/listener ‘s perceptual experience of something rather unrelated. An illustration from this authorship is “ revenue enhancement alleviation ” . The reader is familiar with the word “ revenue enhancement ” every bit good as “ alleviation ” . Puting them together helps to develop a really rose-colored image of the offered revenue enhancement system in the readers mind. One that might might non be true. Certain words used, such as “ conservative ” , act upon the perceptual experience of a group of words which are linked with one another in peoples mind. A individual ‘s position on one word somehow influences his position on the other words in this group every bit good. This once more is an unfavorable consequence of utilizing word frames that draw images in the readers mind. The usage of metaphors is particularly meant to obtain this consequence. For illustration, words such as “ Establishing Fathers ” , “ Daughters of the American Revolution ” all link a word to a portion of society, touching the reader in some personal manner. Another clever composing fast one is to utilize words that everybody can associate to, for pulling an image of a word that is really rather unrelated. A good illustration provided in this text is to utilize the word “ household ” to pull an image of a authorities or a political party. Somehow the reader associates the values of a “ household ” to that of the runing party. Such elusive propaganda that is normally followed in political relations makes the electors behave in a favoured manner.

Then there is the over cautious composing that replaces normally used English words which might hold a racialist or male chauvinist sound to it, for politically right words. This is clearly illustrated in “ The Word Police ” by Michiko Kakutani. Here the author explains the harmful effects of being ever politically right. Replacing “ king of beasts ” with “ sovereign of the jungle ” and “ demigod ” with “ ace individual ” might function the intent of maintaining the reading impersonal to all readers, but it unluckily robs the reader off the pleasance of reading. Sometimes such actions throw the focal point off the existent issue that is being discussed in the text. For illustration contemplating over whether the word “ nigga ” is justly used by Mark Twain in “ Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ” wholly side-lines the fact that it is a narrative that describes the bonding between a white male child and a black slave. Another good illustration provided in the text is replacing the word “ homeless ” with “ the underhoused ” , or naming the hapless “ economically marginalized ” . Doing so really acts against the affected by decreasing the earnestness of their state of affairs! Replacing the existent word with a slang does non do the job disappear!

It is of import that authors are good balanced persons and supply a balanced analysis of subjects. It is the moral and societal duty of the author to merely inform the reader and let him to organize an indifferent sentiment and non to pull strings his determination devising. As readers we should critically analyze textual affair and pull out the concealed message they deliver. It is of import to analyze the linguistic communication used to avoid being influenced by the author ‘s personal experiences, fortunes and values. It is important to see all sides of a subject, instead than blindly following the reader into seeing merely what he wants you to see. This will assist in reading the text in the right position, and in developing an independent indifferent sentiment of it.

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