How Lucky You Are by Depi Alper

April 24, 2018 General Studies

The story begins with in medias res which means that the story is starting in a midpoint and it is about a boy named Max and an Iranian girl named Ishraqi. Max has a crush on Ishraqi. The situation between max and Ishraqi changes the way that Max treats his mom. The story takes place in Britain and the plot of the story takes place in one day. The story is told in a third-person-view, and has an open end. The story has 3 parts:

The first part is based on a flashback, where we get to know when Max’s dad left the family. The story takes place in South London in Croydon where Max and his family live. They live nearby the UK Border Agency in Croydon Town Centre, and the UK Border Agency becomes the central setting in the story. In the story the area where the main action takes place is illustrated as grey and without much color and “life”. The building of the UK Border Agency is a large building made of concrete, which also makes the atmosphere at the building a sad and grey environment.

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Max is a student at the creative “Brit School”, but he doesn’t appreciate that he is a student at the school. Max is a sixteen-year-old boy who speaks slang, smokes cigarettes and “bunks of school”. But one morning, changes Max’s view in life, that morning Max skips a class and smokes outside the UK Border Agency, and accidently a girl knocks into him. It shows that she has a meeting at the agency. Max can’t stop staring at her eyes and her hair. He thinks she’s beautiful, and he starts talking to her. The girl’s name is Ishraqi.

She tells that she is at the agency to seek asylum, she goes to the meeting but doesn’t come back. She was send back to Iran. Max was so crushed that he began to cry. The relationship between Max and his parents is very problematic, because he is very angry at his father because he left him and this part of Max’s life has had a huge impact of how he turned out being at school, towards his mom, actually it has changed his personality. At last something great for him happens when he meets Ishraqi, who he likes very much.

Max is turned at last when Max comes home after ‘’the loss’’ of Ishraqi; ‘’When Max arrived home late, his mother took one look at his face and bit off the angry lecture she had been preparing. Instead, she folded her son in her arms and waited for the time he would talk to her. ’’ Line 200, page 5. The main theme in the story is that you should appreciate what you have. In the beginning Max didn’t appreciate his family or the benefits and opportunities he has. He argued with his mother and didn’t take his school serious but at the end he had an eye-opener.

A characterizing of Max would be that he has a flexible personality. Max is an annoying boy but also a really nurturing one. He doesn’t care about the people around him. In the first part of the story, the reader realizes that Max can be a free spirit and creative boy with a free and creative imagination. Max used to be a happy teenager, until his father left the whole family behind, because of that Max lost a bit of himself and he also lost his enthusiasm of participating in class, in general being a passionate student. Max is living a closed lift – it’s like he lives in his own little bubble.

He is not doing anything meaningful in his life, just existing and observing. On the outside he seems like a bad guy but very deep inside he is a boy who wants to find his passion, enthusiasm and maybe love again, you see that in the last part of the story where he meets Ishraqi and loses her. The theme of the short story is very lifelike. It could happen for everyone – losing all what you have on one simple day. So the lecture of today: appreciate what you have, before it’s gone.


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