How Money Changes People English Literature Essay

October 3, 2017 English Literature

A Raisin in the Sun is a three act drama written by Lorraine Hansberry. It is about the dreams that each of the integrands of an Afro-american household wants to carry through when they receive an insurance cheque. The felicity and depression of each character is related to the failure of accomplishing each of the dreams that everyone has with the money. At the terminal of the drama, the household decides to travel to a house because they believe that if they are united, they will populate a better life facing all the jobs together. The money takes an of import function in the drama that makes each of the chief characters change their head about the importance of money.

The chief character is Walter Lee, who is ever behind money, and his dream is to purchase a spirits shop and be the adult male of the house, who has the pecuniary power of the household. Since the beginning of the drama, he demonstrates his desire for the pecuniary power when his boy asks his female parent for 50 cents for school affairs, which his female parent denies it. Walter comes out of the bathroom and gives non merely 50 cents but a dollar to his boy. He is ever believing of money, but his household does non back up him, particularly his married woman, when he talks about a concern that he is be aftering to make with Harris, Ruth, his married woman, says: “ Willy Harris is good-for-naught blusterer ” ( 1. 1. 1132 ) . He responds back stating, “ Charlie Atkins was merely a good-for-naught blusterer excessively, was n’t he! When he wanted me to travel in the dry-cleaning concern with him. And now he ‘s grossing a hundred thousand a twelvemonth ” ( 1. 1. 1132 ) . He means that one who earns a 100 thousand a twelvemonth could be him and that his household should swear him. Now because of what happens to Charlie, he is more involved and dying with the concern with Harris, which is the spirits shop. Walter starts contending with his sister even before they receive the cheque because he merely cares to accomplish his dream and non the 1 of his sister going a physician. He says to his sister, “ Who the snake pit told you you had to be a physician? ” ( 1. 1. 1135 ) . Although he knows that Beneatha does non care about the money, he tries to convert her non to analyze because he knows that his female parent will pay for her calling utilizing the cheque without Beneatha holding to bespeak it. He is ever reasoning that cipher in the house understands him. Then, when he confront his female parent to convert her about purchasing a spirits shop, she denies it and says, “ Mama, sometimes when I ‘m down-town and I pass them cool, quiet-looking eating houses where them white male childs are sitting back and speaking ’bout things… sitting at that place turning trades deserving 1000000s of dollarsaˆ¦ sometimes I see cats do n’t look much older than me ” ( 1. 2. 1150 ) . He means he is 30 five old ages old being is nil, and he will still being nil all his life. There are younger people who already have a great hereafter, hereafters that he wants to hold but needs the money to carry through. Walter wants to be a good male parent who gives his kid everything he wants. Mama, so, asks him, “ Son-how semen you talk so much ’bout money? ” and he answers “ Because it is life, Mama! ” ( 1. 2. 1150 ) doing clear that he merely cares about money and is the most of import thing for him to populate, the remainder is secondary ( Arslan 21-36 ) .

In contrast, after holding lost the money, he feels depressed and changes his head about money. Walter notices how bad the universe is and regrets non holding listened to his female parent when she tell him that the outside universe is unsafe. He does non hold another pick of recovering some of the money other than selling the house to Linder. His determination at the terminal of non selling the house and maintaining the household together clearly makes a large alteration in his head of being selfish at the get downing with his dream and so alterations himself to a existent adult male who fights for the best of his household ( Gradesaver 57-65 ) . He values each of the members of his household and believes that if they live together in a better house without the wretchedness that they have now, they will contend together for the dream of each of the members of the household. He comprehends that the felicity of the household is more of import than the money.

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On the other manus, Beneatha gives less importance to the money than Walter. She argues with him stating, “ That money belongs to Mama, Walter and it ‘s for her to make up one’s mind how she wants to utilize it. I do n’t care if she wants to purchase a house or a projectile ship or merely nail it up someplace and look at it. It ‘s hers. Not ours-hers ” ( 1. 1. 1134 ) . She means she does non care about the cheque and that Walter has nil to make with it because the money belongs to their female parent, and she is the 1 to make up one’s mind what to make with it. Besides, Beneatha demonstrates her deficiency of involvement in the money when she says that George is excessively “ shallow ” to hold a relationship with him, and Ruth replies by stating, “ Shallow-what do you intend he ‘s shallow? He ‘s rich! aˆ¦ Well-what other qualities a adult male got to hold to fulfill you, small miss? ” ( 1. 1. 1140 ) . This means that she thinks otherwise than the other members of the household towards money. She does non desire to be with a adult male merely for his money. She merely wants a good adult male that gives love and makes her happy. She besides wants to be a physician and gain money by her work and attempt non by feigning to love a rich adult male and lives without felicity ( 123HelpMe 10-14 ) .

However, when Beneatha realizes that Walter loses the money of the household, her importance towards money alterations drastically. She gives more value to the money now that she knows that her calling is gone along with the money that Walter lost. She does non merely fault his brother, but besides her female parent, who give him the control of the money. She is so angry and at the same clip down because her ain brother has ruined her hereafter, and now she wo n’t be anything in her life. It is clear the alteration of the importance that she gives to the money now that it is lost because cipher knows what 1s has until it is gone.

In add-on, Mama is in the center of her boy and girl. She does non believe that money is the most indispensable for life as Walter does, but she values the money more than Beneatha because the cheque is the memory of her hubby. Mama is a spiritual adult female who merely wants the money for good affairs, such as the felicity and demands of her household. She demonstrates it when Ruth tells her to utilize the money to bask it going like the rich white adult female does, but she denies it because she thinks that a house is what her household needs to carry through their felicity by assisting each other together. At the beginning, she does non desire to carry through the dream of her boy because she does non desire to set the memory of her hubby into a spirits shop. When Walter confront her, seeking to explicate her why he wants to purchase a spirits shop, she denies it stating, “ I ‘m regretful ’bout your spirits shop, boy. It merely was n’t the thing for us to make. That ‘s what I want to state you about ” ( 1. 2. 1149 ) . Mama means she believes that the spirits shop is non the best thing to put the money ; it will non do the household happy. She advises him that it is unsafe to put all the money in something like that to anticipate that something good comes out of it. Then, when Walter says that “ money is life ” , she get angry and says, “ Oh-So now it ‘s life. Money is life. Once upon a clip freedom used to be life-now it ‘s money. I guess the universe truly do changeaˆ¦ ” ( 1. 2. 1150 ) . She means she has ever believes a adult male battle for freedom and to be alive to happen his felicity, and that the existent life is to be with the people who one belongs to, which is the household. Money merely brings battle and sadness, and she tries to do him see that this is what he has in his head.

However, after Mama buys the house with 30 five 100 dollars and trusts the remainder to Walter, she changes negatively her manner of thought towards her boy when he betrays the intent of the money that she commended, and he loses it. She trusts in him and wants him to be the caput of the household, and because of that she gives him the other portion of the money but to utilize it in concern affairs. However, when Mama realizes that Walter loses the money in the concern, she says, “ I seen him dark after dark semen in and look at that carpet and so look at me the ruddy screening in his eyes the venas traveling in his caput I see him turn thin and old before he was 40 working and working and working like person ‘s old Equus caballus killing himself and you- you give it all off in one twenty-four hours ” ( 2. 3. 1171 ) . She now feels defrauded by her boy for holding trust the memory of his male parent on him. That money means everything his male parent has worked for in life, doing himself dice of work every twenty-four hours and that his boy give it off for nil. She gets huffy to his boy, but at the really terminal, she feels happy about him because he takes a determination merely as his male parent would make of taking his household together to a house ; a house that her hubby battles for all his life and can non be alteration for money.

In the drama, it is clear how each of the chief characters change their heads towards money. Walter, who believes that money is life, changes his head and believes that the integrity of the household is more of import. Beneatha, who does non value the money, gives more importance when she sees that it is gone along with her calling. Finally, Mama, who trusts in Walter and believes that he would make the right thing, alter his head when she was betrayed by him. All these alterations make them more knowing to what life is that the integrity of the household is what truly counts to carry through anything in life.

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